Mulligan Guide for Handbuff Paladin

Here's a hot take: Handbuff Paladin is favored into Waker Mage 🙂

I wrote a mulligan guide for Handbuff Paladin after hitting rank 1 for the first time. Hope you enjoy! The deck code is at the bottom.

Handbuff Barrens Mulligan Guide

Disclaimer: This guide assumes you are familiar with the archetype your opponent is playing.

General always keeps


-First day


v.s. aggro



v.s. control

-Salhet's pride


Secondary keeps

-grimstreet outfitter

-Smuggler's run

-Meanstreet + adal going first

-Crab + adal on coin (v.s. decks that lack early answers)





-Crab rider +adal/conviction (don't keep either spell without crab)

Tip: If you don’t draw Loatheb (v.s. waker), throw out Samuro to stall for a turn when he has 4 or more attack. He’s like a psuedo-flameward. If your opponent is a potato, they won’t read the card text and drop waker. Waker pings Samuro, Samuro bites back. If your opponent is smart, you either force a ping, burn spells, or cry if your opponent hits a good devolving missiles. This can potentially buy you a turn, which is often enough time to throw up stats on board, draw into loatheb, or just win. It turns out when you hard mull for loatheb while hyper cycling through your deck and your opponent plays research project, you often find him in your hand when you need him!

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See v.s. control above



See v.s. control above

Tip: Don’t be too greedy with buffs. Try to keep constant board pressure, especially after turn 6 to make it as awkward as possible for your opponent to play illucia



-Crab rider if with adal/conviction

-Cry if they have shadow essence



See v.s. control above

Tip: If you see voidlord on turn 5, you lost 🙁


See v.s. control above. Also why does void lord have taunt?


Very tough matchup for handbuff. Pray that they don't get giants before you can coin glowstone tech or they hit themselves low enough for charge lethal. This version doesn't run barov because there are no darkglares right now, but hard mull for him along with the always keeps. Otherwise bottom right 🙂

Cute lock

See v.s. aggro above

Tip: Don’t kill the tiny fins and snowflippers unless absolutely necessary. That means kill the wisps first!

Demon Hunter


See v.s. aggro above. Very favored for you! Can probably win with your eyes closed.



In the rare case that you encounter another buff dude enjoyer on ladder, look for your always keeps and salhet's pride. Keeping glowstone is a risk because your opponent can snowball to a point where by the time you play glowstone tech, there's too many stats on board for you to take a turn off. If you have enough draw and early game to support a slow turn 5, then it turns into a potentially game winning keep. In other words, keep if you're feeling lucky and toss if you're not good at highrolling.

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See v.s. aggro above

Tip: Leave watchposts up. Kill crab rider first, then weeblord, then mini bot. Samuro is a game winning keep that can potentially beat double call to arms.



See v.s. aggro above


Mulligan for v.s. aggro



See v.s. aggro above


See v.s. control above



See v.s. control above


See v.s. aggro above



-Crab rider with adal/conviction




-crab rider with adal/conviction


See v.s. control above


See v.s. aggro above



See v.s. control above


See v.s. aggro above. Very favored for you! Play the green cards and you’ll do fine 🙂


See v.s. control above


See v.s. aggro above

Deck Code:

### Vs mage

# Class: Paladin

# Format: Wild


# 2x (0) First Day of School

# 2x (1) Animated Broomstick

# 2x (1) Conviction (Rank 1)

# 2x (1) Crystology

# 2x (1) Knight of Anointment

# 2x (1) Meanstreet Marshal

# 2x (1) Smuggler's Run

# 2x (2) Crabrider

# 2x (2) Grimestreet Outfitter

# 2x (2) Hand of A'dal

# 2x (3) Argent Horserider

# 2x (3) Salhet's Pride

# 1x (4) Blademaster Samuro

# 2x (4) Chillblade Champion

# 2x (5) Glowstone Technician

# 1x (5) Loatheb




# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

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