Murlocs are ruining battlegrounds

Content of the article: "Murlocs are ruining battlegrounds"

In every game that has murlocs as a tribe, at least one player goes murlocs, and at least one murloc player claims 1st early. It is not fun to play for 10 minutes, knowing that 1st place is already taken, and that you could be knocked out randomly at any time by the murloc player(s).

Arguments for murlocs not being a problem:

“Murlocs are a highroll tribe, players who go murloc have a good chance of failing and getting last, that balances the fact that they are completely unopposed lategame!” This is completely untrue. If 2 or more players go murlocs, some of them MAY fail. Murlocs are so consistent that a murloc player claims first in nearly game where they are available. You can just as easily claim that any other tribe is a “highroll” tribe, except their “highroll” is not dying until the murloc player kills them. Even if murlocs were inconsistent, it’s not fun for the other players to just be knocked out without having any chance to interact with the game.

“They’re weak midgame, you can just kill them early by being aggressive.” This is also untrue. Murloc players are often able to get a strong murloc comp up early as heroes like brann or flurgl. They may not have divine shield or poisonous yet, but killing 6 20/20 murlocs on turn 8 is just not feasible.

“You can just build a lategame comp that counters them!” Nothing counters them. The only thing that can even beat them is dragons with double nadina, and that requires you to get lucky in the fight AFTER getting lucky enough to make a giant dragon team with kalecgos and find 2 nadina. No other comp aside from murlocs can have divine shields AND 5 minions large enough to kill a murloc in 2 trades. Even if you get lucky enough to build something with a chance to win, the murloc players can just slot tech into the brann and battlecry slots since it’s the end of the game.

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“The players at your rank are just bad, everyone will work together to kill murlocs at higher ranks.” I’m at 10k rank. It seems unlikely to me that players at any rank are skilled and coordinated enough to accomplish this, and even if true, there should not be a tribe that completely ruins most games under 13k rank.

Any game with murlocs is significantly less fun than one without. There’s no point in even building lategame in most games. Murlocs ARE the lategame, and everything else is just pointless in more than 2/3 of games.

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