Mutanus Fatigue Quest Warlock

After the nerfed to the warlock quest, I was trying to get the pre-nerfed fatigue warlock to work.

However, I realise that due to the nerf there are 2 main issues with the decks.

  1. There isn't sufficient healing and removal due to the increase health cost to deal with aggresive decks.
  2. The weapon nerf caused the deck to be too slow against combo/otk decks. Mages, Garrote Rogue, and Demon Hunter feel like guarantee lost with the old list.

With this in mind, the goal is to increase the amount of healing and removal by including the soul package to deal with aggro. And to include some win condition against mages and combo deck which is why Mutanus and Altar of Fires are included.

I manage to hit legend rank2000+ with this deck list, I do not use a deck tracker and I play alot on mobile so I do not have the exact stats. But I am happy with the deck to share it. Feel free to ask any questions.

Deck List: ### Mutanus Warlock

# Class: Warlock

# Format: Standard

# Year of the Gryphon


# 2x (0) Raise Dead

# 2x (1) Altar of Fire

# 1x (1) Armor Vendor

# 1x (1) Mortal Coil

# 1x (1) The Demon Seed

# 2x (1) Touch of the Nathrezim

# 2x (2) Drain Soul

# 2x (2) Soul Shear

# 2x (2) Unstable Shadow Blast

# 2x (3) Backfire

# 2x (3) Blood Shard Bristleback

# 2x (3) School Spirits

# 1x (3) Tamsin Roame

# 1x (4) Royal Librarian

# 2x (4) Soul Rend

# 1x (4) Spice Bread Baker

# 1x (6) Entitled Customer

# 1x (7) Mutanus the Devourer

# 2x (10) Goldshire Gnoll




# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone


Unlike the old fatigue warlock, the deck does not need to rush for quest completion and card draws. It focus heavily on board removal to ensure that you do not get runover by aggressive decks.

Against garrote rogue/Il'gynoth Demon Hunter, the plan is to use altar of fire to have some fighting chance against these decks.

Against Quest Mage: The main plan is to save the altar of fires against their ignites. Only play it after they have played ignite and when they are left with 3 to 6 cards in their deck.

Mutanus help greatly to remove their quest reward. Most quest mage players do not play around mutanus in quest warlock as it is not a common inclusion. The key is to never have minion on board, so that they have to use their own minions to complete the quest. And this usually cost them mana and make them unable to play arcanist on the turn they got the quest reward.

This will delay their damage dealt by spell, and stall the game long enough for me to execute the main plan.Even without Mutanus eating their quest reward, it is still possible to win due to the sheer amount of healing in the deck and it is possible for them to reach the point where I burn their ignite before they kill me.

Notable Inclusion in the Deck:Soul Package: Deal with minion base decks, paladin,aggro druid/face hunter. The healing is to compensate the requirement of the quest Synegise very well with Tamsin .

Royal Librarian: A flexible card. Necessary against Rattlegore. Useful against libram/handbuff paladin.

Goldshire Gnoll: Is also a form of "removal" due to rush. An excellent raise dead target for this deck against minion base deck.

Entitled Customer: Deal with big boards and stealth minions. Won me several games against quest rogue and

Notable Exclusion from the deck:Tour guide and manafeeder panthara: Since the aim of the deck is no longer to reach fatigue as fast as possible, they are not as useful. The board tempo they provide tend to be insufficient to deal with most aggro deck. They are also worse raise dead target compared to other minions in the deck.Flesh Giants: Flesh giant doesn't deal with the board, and most decks will be able to easily answer them due to the lack of other minions in this deck.

Hand of Guldan: Tend to clot the hand. Similar to tour guide and manafeeder panthara, we are not in the rush to reach fatigue.

Other Matchup I face

Libram Paladin: Favoured. There is sufficient removal to deal with their threat. Do not afraid to play Tamsin early with 1 spell to get deal with their board. Tamsin is an excellent raise dead target.

Face Hunter: Slightly Favoured. Sufficient removal to deal with their threat. Spice Bread Baker is the mvp.

Aggro Druid: Slightly Favoured. Sufficient removal to deal with their threat. Do not be greedy with your removal as they can punish easily with composing.

Quest Warrior: Easy. Even easier than aggro druid/face hunter. The do not have many buff for thier minions. Weapon damage is not that high. Easy to outheal and remove all their minions. By the time they finish the quest rewards, I will also almost finish my quest reward.

Quest Rogue: Favoured. We have many aoe to deal with stealh minions. There are also opportunity to eat their quest rewards.

Fel DemonHunter without Il'gynoth: Favoured. There are sufficient healing in the deck to deal with their damage threat. Altar of fire and mutanus come in handy as well. Their total damage is limited.

DeathRattle Demon Hunter: Feel largely unfavoured. Minions are too sticky. They have sufficient card draw with hand of guldan/studies.

Quest Handlock: Did not face many quest handlock. Face 2 on my climb to legend lost 1 won 1. The game i won, I manage to place the last threat after they run out of resources, although they are slightly further in fatigue than me. Barely lost against the 2nd one by 2 health.

Quest Hunter; Feel largely unfavoured. I only won 1 game out of the 5 to 6 games I play against where I eat their quest reward with mutanus. They deal more damage then I could heal.


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