Never give up, never give in – Coming back from a dead mulligan as odd DH

Content of the article: "Never give up, never give in – Coming back from a dead mulligan as odd DH"

Long time lurker, first post here. Sharing a interesting game I just had as odd DH.

Mulligan: Started off on the draw, saw opponent's portrait and assumed aggro druid. Hard mulliganed for board control tools, keeping 1 mana burn to block possible swing turns on t2/3. Ended up with baku on the left, and voracious reader and dreadlords bite – 3 drops which are not really playable on curve. Oh joy.
t1: Opponent passed. I drew a twin slice and was tempted to drop it to draw more value from voracious reader/dreadlords bite later on, but decided to save resources and just HP.

t2: Gibberling shenanigans + 1 embiggen presented 4 minions on opposing board. Drew battlefiend off the top, played it and killed the gibberling with the active spellburst rather than the 2/2. Wanted to prevent wider boards from gibberling spellburst in exchange for a value trade into the battlefiend. Played the mana burn here to block embiggened minions from entering the board.

t3: with 1 mana, opponent plays patches from hand and i smile. The smile inverts after a 4/4 brigand pops out as well. Am beginning to think the game is over at this point. Luckily i manage to clear the brigand with the help of twin slice + HP, and ping a token with a guardian augmerchant off the top.

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t4: Opponent plays a 3/4 and takes a value trade. I draw stiltstepper, which thankfully gets me a 1 drop. I develop the board and clear the 3/4.

t5: another 3/4 + savage roar from opponent. Surprisingly he chooses to trade, but im not complaining. Was hoping to draw a 1 mana card, enabling me dump my hand and trigger dreadlord's bite to clear the board. End up drawing and playing a dreadlords bite off the topdeck. At this point I have 8 health vs my opponent's 26, but at least his board is gone.

t6: Opponent gets another 3/4 which unfortunately also destroys my weapon. Luckily I manage to get a 2/2 taunt off demon companion which provides some protection. I clear the 3/4 with HP + twin slice, and drop the voracious reader, drawing for 1.

t7: My 2/2 gets pinged off a topdecked living roots, and I take 1 in the face. I am now at 3 health vs my opponent's 28. I dump my hand, dropping opponent's health to 18 and drawing for 2.

t8: Opponent develops a 3/2 and leaves me at 2 health. I topdeck the 2nd stiltstepper which draws me another ping, enabling a value trade into the 3/2. I dump my hand and leave the opponent at 10. At this point im still dead to the 2nd living roots/ savage roar so I have my fingers crossed.

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t9: Opponent doesnt draw either card and concedes!

Felt this game was worth sharing as this was the first time Ive had such a bad opening hand as an aggro deck, but still managed to clinch the victory. Always remember folks, play to your outs and you'll surprise yourself.

Also, would appreciate if anyone could point out any better plays i could have made, let me know in the comments!

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