Optimizing Kingsbane for D5 to Legend Climb

This will be a brief post as the current version is already more or less generally optimal, however, I feel there are a few tech choices that might benefit the deck specifically on a D5 to Legend climb and, as I am attempting this climb before the end of the season, I want to put forth some of my own ideas as well as see what others think.

First and foremost, what cards of the current decklist can be cut? For reference, this is “the list” I will be referring to as the generally accepted best list (excuse formatting):

Format: Wild (Year of the Phoenix)

Class: Rogue (Valeera Sanguinar)

Mana |Card Name |Qty |Links
0 |Preparation |2 |HSReplay,Wiki
1 |Buccaneer |2 |HSReplay,Wiki
1 |Deadly Poison |2 |HSReplay,Wiki
1 |Kingsbane |1 |HSReplay,Wiki
1 |Nitroboost Poison |2 |HSReplay,Wiki
1 |Patches the Pirate |1 |HSReplay,Wiki
1 |Prize Plunderer |2 |HSReplay,Wiki
1 |Secret Passage |2 |HSReplay,Wiki
1 |Southsea Deckhand |2 |HSReplay,Wiki
2 |Cavern Shinyfinder |2 |HSReplay,Wiki
2 |Eviscerate |2 |HSReplay,Wiki
2 |Swindle |2 |HSReplay,Wiki
3 |Raiding Party |2 |HSReplay,Wiki
4 |Dread Corsair |2 |HSReplay,Wiki
4 |Tinker's Sharpsword Oil |2 |HSReplay,Wiki
5 |Cutting Class |2 |HSReplay,Wiki Total Dust: 5920

Now that we have a baseline, we return to the question at hand: What can be excluded? Here are my thoughts, noting that I am somewhat biased as I am pretty low budget:

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x1 Patches the Pirate: I would argue that this can easily be cut. Yes, a 1/1 can be great and the deck thinning is valuable, not to mention that it acts as a target for both Nitroboost Poison as well as Tinker’s Sharpsword Oil. However, when thinking about teching against certain decks, this card stands out as replaceable.

x1 or x2 Preparation: I am hesitant to put these here as they make the deck significantly faster, but once again, they aren’t core to the same degree aa other card options. I would say cutting 2 is bad, cutting 1 could be alright.

x1 or x2 Swindle: This one I am slightly more sure of. Simply put: The deck is hardly draw starved and in most games I find 2 of these to be overkill. Similar to prep I think 1 is good, but the second can maybe be cut in favor of tech.

That concludes the cards that I could see being cut. Only 3-5 total, leaving a bit of room for tech inclusions. Now, with such space freed, what could these inclusions be?

Possible Tech Cards: The following are a few cards listed with the specific decks that would be targeted by them, addressing some pocket metas and the greater meta as a whole.

x1 or x2 Eater of Secrets OR Kezan Mystic (Secret Mage and Hunter, as well as Mill Rogue): Granted, hunter is the less common of the two, but it should be noted nonetheless. These cards can be auto-wins against secret mage under certain circumstances, making an already ok matchup even more favorable. I noted mill rogue as well as it helps the deck deal with Evasion which, while not a big issue, is certainly a plus with the rise of mill rogues.

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x1 or x2 Fan of Knives (Odd Paladin): This tech inclusion is admittedly somewhat fringe as Odd Paladin is not particularly popular anyways but, from my experience this deck struggles greatly against it. By including this tech choice, the matchup is strengthened, albeit slightly.

x1 Weapon Something: Anything to deal with weapons is pretty alright in the current meta. Kingsbane is popular, and you may also get the occasional Vinecleaver, Ancharr, or other weapon. Overall a simple inclusion that doesn’t take much space, but is likely altogether unnecessary.

That pretty much does it for my thoughts. I am interested what others have and plan to try. Keep in mind that I am by no means an expert and these are by no means the ONLY tech cards and the ONLY decks they counter.

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