Possible Ramp Paladin optimization – adding the quest

There's no question Ramp Paladin aka Highroll Paladin aka Tip the Scales Paladin aka "oh of course he would have Alura on turn 4" Paladin is currently one of the best decks in the meta. But what if you could reduce some of the RNG for the Alura highroll, making the deck perform even better?

I got an idea a few days ago: what if you cut the Wandmakers and replace them with the quest "Making Mummies", so you're always guaranteed to have a spell to trigger Alura since the quest always starts in your hand? I've been trying it out recently and have had a fast climb to Diamond 5 so far with a 70% winrate, expecting to hit Legend in the next few days because this deck is nuts.

Here are some of the pros and cons of running the quest over Wandmakers:

Pros Cons
probably increases the winrate without coin quite a bit quest does nothing while Paladin 1-mana spells are actually pretty decent
when you do have the coin, you can use the quest to trigger Alura and save the coin to get your expensive stuff out a bit faster you essentially have less cards in your starting hand because of the quest, can't get rid of it (has a chance of ruining the Alura highroll if you choose to not keep it)
you can run cards that synergize with the quest such as Licensed Adventurers or Questing Explorers, even Sky Gen'ral Kragg might be good? the opportunity cost of not having 2 mana 2/2s in your deck anymore, making your early game weaker. however, you would have one free spot in your deck now for an early game minion so this matters less
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I've been running Licensed Adventurers with the quest (cutting Darkmoon Rabbit in addition to Wandmakers), and so far I don't feel like I regret it at all. Even if you don't draw Alura or Nozdormu, you can still at least get a Turn 6 Tip the Scales or a Turn 8 N'zoth/Scrapyard with the coin(s) which definitely helps. Also, it's not likely or all that impactful but including the Licensed Adventurers theoretically lets you play Alura/Noz already on turn 3. Should also mention the coins let you do something like N'Zoth coin Broomstick which can matter (and has mattered in like two games for me so far).

This is my current decklist, although I bet it's not the best list I could be running: thinking of putting Darkmoon Rabbit back in but I don't know what to cut for it, everything else seems important too.

1x (1) Animated Broomstick

2x (1) Armor Vendor

1x (1) Making Mummies

1x (1) Sphere of Sapience

2x (2) Crabrider

2x (2) Licensed Adventurer

1x (2) Murgur Murgurgle

2x (2) Redscale Dragontamer

2x (3) Murloc Warleader

2x (3) Underlight Angling Rod

2x (4) Circus Amalgam

2x (4) Fishy Flyer

1x (4) High Abbess Alura

1x (4) Nozdormu the Timeless

2x (8) Tip the Scales

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2x (9) Carnival Clown

1x (10) N'Zoth, God of the Deep

2x (10) Scrapyard Colossus

1x (10) Y'Shaarj, the Defiler


What do you think, could this be an even better version of Ramp Paladin or is it not worth it? For what it's worth I have a 78% winrate in the mirror matchup (it's probably even higher actually since I ran into some Libram Paladins and lost to them) so that gives me a bit of hope this is a good idea.

Hoping for high/top level players to experiment with this!

Source: reddit.com

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