Quillboar Tribe isn’t getting much chatter, and I’m hear to fix that.

In the patch that hits on Wednesday, a small change was added to the game where Quillboars are now their own unique tribe. This is a result of Battlegrounds, but has some implications in standard as well.

Why? N’Zoth

He will now be able to pull back quillboars. Now this isn’t probably going to be a meta breaking or meta altering change. In fact it will probably mean next to nothing, BUT I do think there is a world where this can result in N’Zoth decks having a little more juice specifically due to Death’s Hand Cultists. This is a great early game minion that comes down on three to help slow down aggro decks that your also not terribly unhappy to see comeback with N’Zoth to heal you for 4 health.

So I present…. Menagerie Rush Warrior.

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Class: Warrior

Format: Standard

Year of the Gryphon

2x (1) Athletic Studies

2x (1) Stage Dive

2x (2) Bumper Car

2x (2) Conditioning (Rank 1)

1x (2) Corsair Cache

2x (3) Coerce

2x (3) Death's Head Cultist

1x (3) Mankrik

1x (3) Rokara

2x (3) Venomous Scorpid

1x (4) Circus Amalgam

2x (4) Outrider's Axe

2x (5) Mor'shan Elite

1x (5) Ringmaster Whatley

2x (5) Stonemaul Anchorman

2x (5) Tent Trasher

1x (7) Overlord Saurfang

1x (9) Alexstrasza the Life-Binder

1x (10) N'Zoth, God of the Deep


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

I took the standard Rush Warrior and tweaked it a to fit in a solid N’Zoth package (Which wasn’t difficult) and some extra spicy Saurfang.

I will gladly chat with people about notable inclusions and exclusions, but this is a list I have been running for a bit and have had some pretty sound success with. Currently reached diamond last night with this deck. Note : Currently am running a Razormane Raider and two Amalgams as the change isn’t live just yet but plan on running this list when they do go live.

Noteable Inclusions and Exclusions:

Crabrider and Imprisoned Ga’narg – Short answer these suck to pull back from N’Zoth.

Why Coerce? – Tech option against Paladins (Libriam of Hope and 6/6 Elemental) as well as Priests. I have ran into this weird rally deck that gets giant ass Sethekks lately. This helps against that. If your going to try and make the deck more proactive you would probably start here in terms of cutting things.

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Saurfang – Bringing back two stonemauls that draw two cards plus rush almost always feels like a solid play. If you run Razormane Raider it’s fun to snip face for 5, but I have recently decided to cut Razormane as it’s often times pretty slow to play and never a good option over something else. Saurfang is a late/mid game bomb that can soak a board clear to make room for N’zoth , he can win you the board back, or just simply apply a ton of pressure.

Mor’shan Elites – Always felt like this should have been a good card so tried to see how it felt, and indeed feels solid. Obviously with only two weapons in the deck it hinges on you having those, thus why I have a copy of Cache. Conditioning makes elites even better , and Scorpid can occasionally get you a bulk up making them straight up nuts.

Scorpid – Why are you not running this card in every deck? This little fucker is versatile is hell.

Why Tent Trasher + Alex – Most rush warriors like to only run one or the other so Whatley pulls it more consistently (specifically Alex), but I have found that it’s a non-issue more of the time. This deck has a lot of draw to it and by the time you want to Alex you generally have her. I have also found Alex isn’t necessarily a card to be your finisher here, just something that deals 8 damage and gives a solid option body for N’Zoth. You are pretty happy with either Trasher or Alex off N’Zoth.

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Amalgam – By far the weakest card in the deck. Only reason it’s worth running is because the taunt body for N’Zoth is good. Thus when I add Cultists I cut this down to 1.

Razormane Raider – Not in this list, but I have played around with him. Felt like a solid card to try and bring back with Saurfang and N’zoth, but it’s pretty much just a bad card. Doesn’t do much even when brought back. It’s fun and worth a shot to see if you like him, but I didn’t. I found the stonemauls to be the big key factor that makes Saurfang worth it.

Again, not a perfect deck and in need of refinement I am sure. I am no Kibler deck maker, but I have enjoyed this and have done well with it. Enjoy and share your thoughts!!


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