Refining Control Priest: Going Low in Scholomance Standard to High Legend

Content of the article: "Refining Control Priest: Going Low in Scholomance Standard to High Legend"

Hi everyone, I'm DankestDad with AceGameGuides bringing you another deck guide, this time for Control Priest. I've had great success, with the deck so far, and I reached an early top 150 legend position this season.

Legend Proof

While most of my games were on mobile this season, I have some replays on hsreplay, and my record with the deck there is 14-11, good enough for a 57% win rate. If you would to see some more replays or deeper matchup advice, check out the article at AceGameGuides. Otherwise, enjoy this preview and give the deck a shot!


Following the aftermath of the latest balance patch, Broom Paladin rose to the top of the meta, with Mage continuing to fade out of the picture. In this new landscape, Priest seemed poised to contend. Both Soul Demon Hunter and Bomb Warrior were beatable with anti-weapon tech, and Priest has the value-tools to keep up with Rogue and Paladin.

As a check to Hunter's fast aggression, I kept the curve of the build quite low. I went as far as to cut the Galakrond, The Unspeakable package and most of the deck's expensive cards. The cost reduction strategy paid off greatly. After reaching Top 150 Legend in Standard in the November season, I can say beyond a doubt that the deck will contend at a high level until the release of the Darkmoon Faire expansion.

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The Deck

The Deck


General Mulligan Guide

In general, the mulligan for the deck is straightforward. In faster matchups, you want Wild Pyromancer and early reactive tools like Holy Smite and Penance. In slower ones, you want Cobalt Spellkin and Draconic Studies to start generating value immediately. Of course, Acidic Swamp Ooze is a key keep against Demon Hunter, but you should only mulligan for it aggressively in the Bomb Warrior matchup.

There are some situations, however, where other cards are a high priority as well. In matchups where a particular minion is strong, Raise Dead becomes a great keep if you already have that minion in your opening hand. Renewal and Sethekk Veilweaver also combo well in control matchups, and using these to generate early value can put you ahead handily.

Finally, Soul Mirror excels against Rogue, undoing one of their swing-turns from Galakrond, the Nightmare or Wonderous Wand or clearing a board of lackeys and huge Edwin VanCleefs or Questing Adventurers.


In most matchups, you are following a simple plan with three steps:

  • Check early aggression before turn five.

  • Play Cobalt Spellkin to generate value.

  • Answer threats one for one until your opponent is out of options.

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Using the mulligans mentioned above, you can reliably execute this strategy most of the time. Sometimes, however, your opponents can develop threats too quickly and chip you down before you can find an answer.

With Wave of Apathy, Apotheosis, and Cleric of Scales, you can come slow down the game until Cobalt Spellkin comes online. Although Wave of Apathy is most often used in a combo with Cabal Acolyte, it can do a great job of preserving your life total until you find a Soul Mirror or Shadow Word: Death. You will draw and create a lot of them, so don't be too greedy with it. Apotheosis is great with Wild Pyromancer, and it will often turn games around against Face Hunter on its own. Cleric of Scales is the only card draw tool in the deck, but keep in mind that it provides card selection as well. If you aren't sure which card you need, it is better to float mana and wait until know what answer is required.


Thanks for reading! Once again, you can check here for the full article, and if there's any archetype or content you want to see a deeper dive on before the new expansion rolls out, let me know. Happy laddering!

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