Refining Penflinger Rogue

Aggro Rogue remains a highly popular deck with results that aren’t too impressive at the moment, but a breakthrough in its refinement could take it to the next level. The direction that may elevate Aggro Rogue into Tier 1 status is a hyper-aggressive one, in which we cut the mid-game cards of the Self-Sharpening Sword build. Steeldancer, Jandice, Krastinov, and Dread Corsair are omitted. We also cut Backstab, for the simple reason that it doesn’t go face! Instead, we focus on more damage and draw options. Preparation/Swindle are added, alongside Sinister Strike, Pen Flinger and Prize Plunderer. Pen Flinger helps us squeeze more damage out of our deck, while Plunderer is a cheap removal tool that can create a big tempo swing. The featured build is so relentless in its onslaught of damage that even strong defensive decks can be caught off guard by it.

From VS. I think from the last thread on building aggro Rogue the consensus was heck yes to Penflingers. Strategy is simple, hit them with minions and weapons and then burn them out with burn spells and reusable pings. Particularly penflinger, secret passage, play a bunch of cards, lethal will become super familar.

Another lesson learnt is swindle alone is often sufficient without foxy because the curve is so low, you can usually combo it out for card draw.

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Let's further refine it shall we

  1. How many weapons do you run? 2,3,4? What combo? only x2 self sharpening sword? Add in hooked Scimitar? or even just hooked? Anyone even play x1 plague of madness?

  2. Prize plunders or southsea deckhands?

  3. Anyone run cold bloods? Maybe with foxy?

  4. Is cutting class x2 core? or can you get away with 1 or none? I suspect if you have self sharpening sword it should be core since you get it free.

  5. Or are you running the crabrider version with cold bloods? How do they compare?

For commenters please note the level of the ladder you playing at . eg Climbing to D5, climbing to legend 1000 etc

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