Reno Taunt Druid


Came up with this idea when I saw the new Druid legendary Greybough. I don't believe this is a top tier deck, but I wanted to ask and see what everyone thinks of it with this rough draft. Too greedy? Too slow? And if so, what should be done to change it?

The idea is to grind out the opponent with a wall of Taunts and then bring them all back constantly with N'Zoth and Hadranox. Our line of Deathrattle minions for N'Zoth are: Archspore Msshi'fin, Deathlord, Greybough, Khartut Defender, Lucentbark, and Hadranox. Our Hadranox line is pretty much the same, except it also can include tokens created by Msshi'fin Prime, Spreading Plague, and Malfurion the Pestilent.

I have opted out of the Witching Hour + Hadranox line of play because I think that combo, while juicy, knocks too many good cards out of the deck. Those cards being Spreading Plague and Malfurion the Pestilent. Otherwise, I have included the fairly standard Druid package for decks like this, being Naturalize, Wrath, Ferocious Howl, Jade Blossom, Branching Paths, Juicy Psychmelon, Overgrowth, Poison Seeds, Swipe, and Nourish. Since this is a Reno deck, I also included Zephrys, Dragonqueen Alex, and Elise the Enlightened.

I have included the Aviana + Kun combo, though I'm unsure if, despite its overwhelming power, it fits the deck. They might make there be too many 10 drops in the deck (Aviana, Kun, and N'Zoth), but for now they are included. Finally, to round things out, I included a couple of copy cards, being Floop, Germination, and Elise the Enlightened, since it presents not only ways to have multiple Renos, N'Zoths, and Hadranoxs (and I guess Kuns) depending on the card, but also lets you semi-combo with Greybough.

Once you have three Greyboughs, which can be easy with all the copy cards plus Hadranox and N'Zoth, you have essentially created an infinite wall of Taunts until the opponent either board wipes (which still might not work depending on the ordering of your Deathrattle triggers and such) or silences (or similar effect). Which, yes, many decks run any of such effects. However, they are not only not always going to have such things in their hand even if they do run them (basically delaying any minion based face damage until then), but the presence of N'Zoth and Hadranox means the wall of Greybough can come back even if disrupted once through any means except for Polymorph/Evolve effects.

So, after saying all this, what are your thoughts? I will restate that I do not anticipate this deck to be a Tier 1 or maybe even Tier 2 deck since it definitely struggles against Reno Priest, Quest Mage, and similar decks that don't necessarily need to use minions to kill you (and have strong OTK potential). However, this rough draft I just find fun to play and would like to believe others might too.

Decklist (for those unable to use link):

Lightning Bloom

Jade Idol

Living Roots



Zephrys the Great

Archspore Msshi-fin


Ferocious Howl

Jade Blossom

Brancing Paths

Flobbidinous Floop


Juicy Psychmelon


Poison Seeds


Elise the Enlightened


Khartut Defender


Reno Jackson

Spreading Plague

Malfurion the Pestilent


Dragonqueen Alexstrasza



Kun the Forgotten King

N'Zoth, the Corruptor

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