Returning player fixing to spend his dust.

Content of the article: "Returning player fixing to spend his dust."

So my story is I played in the Dr. Boom expansion a lot. I Quit right before the one after it came out.

I've so far spent my dust to make a face hunter deck and crafted the pieces for that and climbed to diamond and think I can get legend with the deck. But I played mid range/secret hunter for 90+% of my time playing this game so I'm kind of looking to get away from hunter for the time being. I also picked the priest deck as my free one.

Since returning I've bought the two bundles for twenty bucks a pop and with the cards I got from the packs/guaranteed legendaries I wound up with Akama and Lillian so I was thinking I'd make two secret passages and greyheart sages and make a stealth rogue.

I'm thinking of spending my dust (around 5k) to craft the secret deck and I'll have enough dust after getting the core cards of that deck to craft two legendaries. After researching the best legendaries to craft from each set I'm considering crafting Van Cleef mainly because he's from the classic set so he'll be useable forever (most likely) and Jandice Barrow. Counting Akama and Lillian this is the most legendaries I can squeeze into one deck (I know that's not always ideal but I would like to use the cards I've already spent money on).

I'm also thinking of crafting Kayn for DH, but I haven't put in the time to really give DH a legit try outside unlocking him. But it seems like with him and the Altruis I can make a good aggro demon hunter deck and still have enough dust to make a second legendary like Polket for my hunter or something to add to the Res Priest deck (maybe soul mirror)

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As far as other legendaries, I have the returning priest deck and the legs that come with it and standard legs, the standouts being Malygos and Captain Greenskin.

I have enough dust to make a pirate warrior by crafting ancharr and Dr. Krastinov (another good card from the latest set from my research). I like this idea because it builds cards that build towards a more expensive archetype (bomb warrior) and I've spent my time playing budget decks (around 5k dust).

So the rogue gives me the most expensive deck I can currently field with my collection but I'm also considering crafting something like Alexstraza.

All of the legendaries I've mentioned come from this article


If this info isn't good or anyone has any other recommendations for a returning player looking to spend his dust.

There's always the option I didn't mention which is to save the dust for now until the meta irons itself out (not sure exactly how long but I hear the new expansion is pretty new).

Sorry for super long thread but I don't want to fuck up spending my dust and regret it lol. Thanks in advance!

Oh also I've mostly played aggro decks but wouldn't mind playing something that doesn't mind going late game as much as some of these aggro decks I've mentioned.

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