RNG Frustration

You know I’ve never gotten frustrated while playing Hearthstone before. I’ve been playing since Goblins and Gnomes, and I’ve loved the strategy involved and how thought provoking the game is. The fact that the team regularly releases new expansions to change the meta is awesome too.

Now however, I find myself getting frustrated almost every time I play beside the majority of the meta is barred around RNG. I haven’t played a single game today where I lost because the opponent outplayed me, they just drew better and generated the perfect cards. Here are three examples of my frustrations today.

Galakrond Rogue – This deck is normally fine to play against, and isn’t that strong against many of my decks. However I played against a rogue today who was ridiculously lucky and ruined the entire game. This person got the kobold lackey from EVERY single lackey generation in the game. That includes Invoking, the miscreant, etc etc. Every time I gained board control they’d just throw down some lackeys that would destroy all my minions. Now I know this is an extreme case, but it’s a good example of a deck that is centered around rng, so games with this deck can just be completely bonkers.

Galakrond Priest – Again, rng centered. They generate a random priest minion from any invoke. I can play around Murozond, but when they generate another one it throws my whole board or plan out the window. Games are getting more and more frustrating when your opponent just so happens to get the perfect card(s) for every situation.

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Spell Mage – Ok, I know this one isn’t played a ton, but it’s the worst of the three for me. I played a game today where I had complete board control and lethal for next turn. They play yoggs box, do some crazy stuff and get copies of my rush minions and clear my board. Next turn, they Ascendant Scroll into another box that screws me over again. To top it off, they get a box from a f***ing solarian, targeting only my board with the spells.

Ik that was long and thanks for listening to my rant. I’m really tired of this game right now and think I’m going to take a long break. I didn’t even get into the discover chains I’ve run into, and how unbalanced the current meta is. Let me know your thoughts below.

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