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Hi everyone!

OBP here! I return to Reddit with a new homebrew that features Anka, Teron, Scrapyard Colossus, Stowaway and Shadow of Death. My only other entry here was at the start of last year with a Galakrond Colossus Rogue which I took to legend back then.

Sadly this time I only did it on mobile so I don’t have accurate stats. However it was an easy climb from D4 to legend. Even saw the “On a roll” achievement when I hit legend. Anyways on to the deck. I think I had around 65-70% win-rate for the total run. Another nice way to know you're doing something good is that you have opponents adding you and asking for the list 🙂

### Scrapyard Shuffle Rogue

# Class: Rogue
# Format: Standard
# Year of the Phoenix
# 2x (0) Backstab
# 1x (0) Shadowstep
# 2x (1) Animated Broomstick
# 1x (1) Secret Passage
# 2x (1) Spymistress
# 1x (1) Worgen Infiltrator
# 1x (2) Novice Engineer
# 1x (2) Sap
# 2x (2) Skyvateer
# 2x (2) Swindle
# 2x (3) Greyheart Sage
# 1x (3) Teron Gorefiend
# 2x (3) Ticket Master
# 1x (4) Infiltrator Lilian
# 2x (4) Shadow of Death
# 1x (5) Anka, the Buried
# 1x (5) Jandice Barov
# 2x (5) Stowaway
# 1x (6) Khartut Defender
# 2x (10) Scrapyard Colossus



Big advantage, they are to slow and to fair to ruin your gameplans. If anything they give you the best minions to shuffle. Like Nozdormu, Colossus, Libram of Hope guy.


Aggro is tough, but anything else isn't. Use your early game to survive until you can take over.


Hardly saw any, aggro is not that bad. Again mulligan you early stuff.


N'Zoth is a good matchup, Big Warrior too, Control Warrior is easy as well. Bomb warrior is a nightmare but luckily not very active in this meta. ETC warrior is doable.

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Zoo is doable but tough, Galakrond is harder but also winnable. Just make sure they don't Tickatus your wincon.


Bad matchup, they usually get crazier boards than you do. So you need to be quicker with that than they are.


Bad matchup, their waves of minions are hard to stop. But luckily I started playing with this deck after the nerf so hardly saw any.


Annoying, winnable but unfavored. They steal your board and combo, so insta concede could save time and sanity.


The idea is you shuffle big Scrapyards in your deck and pull them on the board with Stowaway which is usually something your opponent can't deal with.
But you can also shuffle Nozdormu, Libram of hope guy, Rattlegore and other interesting minions from your opponents.



Spymistress, Worgen infiltrator, Skyvateer, Greyheart Sage, Infiltrator Lillian.

This is a big part of our draw engine and we draw a LOT. This is a package that can help you survive the early game and give you the opportunity to draw your tickets and shadows. Infiltrator Lilian synergizes with Greyheart, Gorefiend or even with Shadow of Death if you don't really have anything else to shuffle in your deck.


Shadow of Death, Stowaway, Ticketmaster.

Ticketmasters can turn your Stowaway from a useless 5 drop into a draw 2, with a 4/4, 3/3, 3/3. Which is quite strong. Also curving Shadow of Death on 4 if your opponent has something nice and then drawing getting them on turn 5 with Stowaway is a nice way to turn the board around. Shadow of Death is the most important element of the deck. You can wait until you discounted your Colossi or you can go for a more tempo play and shuffle something else.

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Gorefiend, Khartut, Scrapyard Colossus, Anka

Gorefiend has made for some disgusting turns. Having him discounted to (1) letting him kill 1, 2 or 3 Colossi (leaving the 7/7's that come out of it on board) and then rushing these 7/7's with broom into the opponent's board and rushing Teron into it as well giving you a fresh board of Colossi! Khartut is basically to survive vs Face hunter and aggro rogue.

Other notable inclusions:

Broom, Jandice, Shadowstep

Broom is your board clear, your Teron activator and your best friend. It's very versatile and very needed vs board heavy decks. It also combines well with Jandice which is in general just a very strong card. Also Shadowstepping the broom after you ran Gorefiend into a board and then using broom again to clear anything that's left. Shadowstepping is of course also good with Jandice or with Greyheart Sage to draw more of your shadows, tickets or combo pieces.


Aggro: Backstab, Spymistress, Worgen infiltrator, Greyheart Sage

Anything else really depends on what you get: Greyheart Sage with any stealth minion is usually the best. Ticket master together with Stowaway is interesting. Shadow of Death with Stowaway if you think you can get something crazy of your opponent.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions or ideas!

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