Second time legend with new totem odd shaman

### aggro odd

# Class: Shaman

# Format: Wild


# 1x (1) Beaming Sidekick

# 2x (1) Devolving Missiles

# 2x (1) Fire Fly

# 2x (1) Hot Air Balloon

# 2x (1) Primal Fusion

# 2x (1) Storm's Wrath

# 2x (1) Surging Tempest

# 2x (1) Tour Guide

# 2x (1) Tunnel Trogg

# 2x (3) Drakkari Enchanter

# 1x (3) Grand Totem Eys'or

# 2x (3) Mana Tide Totem

# 1x (3) Sergeant Sally

# 2x (3) Totemic Reflection

# 2x (3) Whack-A-Gnoll Hammer

# 2x (5) Bloodlust

# 1x (9) Baku the Mooneater




# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

early game:

surging tempest+tunnel trogg: they have a 1/3 statline that go smoothly with turn 2 totem of strength and can be buffed with storm's wrath

Hot Air Balloon: better vs control than aggro. If you're facing control, use this instead of the previous 2

tour guide: obvious choice, but can be easily jammed on 1 or later. there are situations when you want to wait before using the 0 cost hero power

beaming sidekick: not early game. she's nice to make important totems harder to kill


Drakkari Enchanter: the absolute MVP of the deck. amazing with eyesor or even a single strength totem making it a 3 3/5 that makes your buffs double. Play only when you have an end of turn effect on board and no totemic reflection.

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totemic reflection: has higher priority in order than Drakkari Enchanter since it gives immediate impact on board and makes your totems much harder to kill.

Whack-A-Gnoll Hammer: really strong weapon that buffs your totems or any other minions fast.

interesting choices:

bloodlust: it's a final ditch effort to cheat a kill on your opponent. works often though.

sergeant sally: this deck's weakness is falling behind even slightly on board against board centric decks. can easily be buffed too. this is mostly good against board centric aggro decks like even/odd paladin, discolock, pirate warrior and odd dh


quest rogue: never lost a game against them. Had some close calls, but never lost. I beat at least 6 of them thus far (no deck tracker to track it though)

kingsbane rogue: never lost. They aren't board centric. Just scale early so you can spam taunt later and kill.

secret mage: 40% winrate I think, if you scale early enough and they don't have flakmage, you can win.

priest: as long as they don't answer your first 3 turns you can win easily. It's honestly all about luck. 60% winrate I think. They just never expect us to scale this quick.

hunter: never lost. they suck so bad. I feel bad every time.

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demon hunter: almost always odd. No hope. they're the absolute worst matchup. they're hero power counters ours badly.

discolock: 50% played 2 games. It's all about how lucky they are

darkglare: played 1 game and lost. I lowrolled so I can't give more detail

control warlock: just play around defile and you can win (good luck with dark skies though). 80% winrate.

pirate warrior: develop as early a board as you can. Healing totem is your friend. I don't think we're favored but I won both times by a hair.

paladin even/odd: never won against those, but I always felt like I could. Same strategy as against pirate warrior. never played sergeant sally against them, but I know it would've helped.

any other paladin: win easily.

no exact stats. Only my word.


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