Should I dust these legendaries???

I have legendaries that I highly doubt will see any play (even in my meme dream decks). I'm in the midst of crafting some decks and I guess I really need the dust. Here are my list of legendaries that I'm considering dusting:

  • Jungle Giants: I think this quest got power crept to oblivion. Celestial Alignment pretty much just replaces this. I've always thought that Strength in Numbers is way better if you want to cheat big minions and it doesn't require your minions to have 5 or more attack. I just don't see ever using this quest when I can just ramp/use other ways to play big minions.
  • Goru the Mightree: The effect is useless. How are treants that are 3/3 going to help you late-game? As Token Druid you want to finish the game by maybe turn 6 or earlier by playing Embiggen (outclasses Goru IMO, plus treants aren't really the best way to play token Druid). Also Arbor up got printed which is MILES ahead of this card. Treant Druid is good enough without this card IMO.
  • Sheldras Moontree: I don't see any potential in this card, not even meme potential. The most logical use for this card might be to cheat out big spells, but most of the big spells in wild are card draw and this will probably do more harm than good.
  • Maxima Blastenheimer: I got this card as my guaranteed legendary for 10 packs. This is just a bad card. The most obvious thing that comes to mind is deathrattles, but in a format where nine lives, play dead, and feign dead exist, I don't see this card being play anywhere (except the C'Thun exploit that got patched).
  • Chenvaala: I wouldn't play this card at all. Sure maybe you can combo Sorcerer's Apprentice, but might as well play ignite mage at that point. Chenvaala was terrible in standard, and it's terrible in wild. She's on the chopping block.
  • Grand Magus Antonidas: I can't seem to get his effect to pop off consistently and even then I wish I was playing regular Antonidas instead.
  • Rhonin: This literally got outclassed my a 1-mana 1/1 common. Enough said.
  • Cannonmaster Smythe: His effect seems like a win-more effect. If you already have 4-5 secrets on board, you probably already won at that point. Plus Zephrys exist (mass dispel) and you're secrets are gone. I don't like this card.
  • Turalyon, the Tenured: This is just a worst Sunkeeper Tarim. Even as a single clear card, might as well run subdue. I ran this card in Reno Paladin, but I found Sunkeeper Tarim to be better since it can offer both removal and maybe even burst, this card is just expensive removal on a stick.
  • (Golden) Dark Inquisitor Xanesh: Priest corrupt cards are pretty bad aside from maybe 1 (Insight). Sure maybe for Clown, but if you want to play big minions, you play Big Priest.
  • Hallazeal the Ascended: I never knew this card existed. I don't think it's good even for memes.
  • Dark Pharoah Tekhan: Warlock doesn't generate many lackeys, and even then I don't think you would want to generate lackeys at all (except maybe Galakrond Rogue and Battlecry Shaman). Plus turning your lackeys into 4/4's on turn 5? Like what? You can literally cheat out Voidlords, Mal'ganis, and other big demons as early as turn 3 (with coin). Zoo warlock back then used this card, but in wild you have Cutelock and Disco Warlock.
  • Neeru Fireblade: It's a better Chef Nomi, sure, but it's still not a good effect for drawing your whole deck.
  • Zzeraku the Warped: This card is garbage. It feels really bad playing this on turn 8 when I could be playing something like Willow and cheat out 2 big demons.
  • Iron Juggernaut: Whenever I play him in my bomb warrior deck, I just can't find a good moment to put him down. I replaced him with a board clear and my deck improved significantly, also no synergy with Blastmaster Boom. Also got outclassed by bombs.
  • Tinkmaster Overspark: I don't see a deck that plays this.
  • (Golden) Moonfang: It's great when its a choice in DK Rexxar's hero power, but not good when played by itself.
  • Dr. Boom: Original Dr. 7, used to be good, but not anymore. Mutanus takes the 7 spot nowadays.
  • The Black Knight: Over the years, this guy has been in and out of the meta, but I think this card reached the end of it's life cycle, so many other cards do the same effect and they are better and cheaper.

These are some cards I've been collecting for the last 3 years. A lot of them have been outclassed by better cards. I still have some bad legendaries, but I'm keeping some of them because their effect is unique enough to justify it (i.e. Deck of Lunacy). Please let me know what you think!


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