So It Turns Out Gibbering Druid Is The New OP (Guide)

Hello hello, its been a while since I've posted anything, but I'm back to go over one of the new decks that was recently discovered last week, known as Gibbering Druid, or just Token Druid. The power level of this deck may be the highest compared to older variants of Token Druid of the past, so expect the meta to completely shift towards this deck. Its not an exaggeration to say this is a very hard cheese deck, even better than the recent Nozdormu Paladin. In fact, this deck is so good, the climb to legend only took 2 and a half hours, landing me a spot at Rank 4 Legend Day 1. What makes this deck uniquely powerful compared to old Token Druids of the past is how hard it can snowball out of nowhere. With that being said, its highly possible that Blizzard will look to nerf this deck very soon. Here's my decklist:


The playstyle of this deck is very simple and straightforward; Develop a board and buff your tokens. Since this deck is not very intricate, this will be a lot shorter compared to my previous guide, but I will still go over the card choices and the core cards of this deck that are more recent. I'll skip cards such as Savage Roar, Soul Of The Forest, and Innervate since they remain fundamental as the building block cards for all the variants of Token Druid.

Arbor Up

So Arbor Up ended up surprising me as a meta breaker card, giving rise to this deck (oh god blizzard what have u done). If this card buffs at least 2 minions that are already on board, you've pretty much secured full tempo of the board that can lead to potential lethal next turn. The card itself is also not bad played on a empty board turn 5 or even possibly earlier with innervate or lightning bloom. Its not an exaggeration to say that this card is the backbone of this new Token Druid (with the exception of savage roar).

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Gibberling on release didn't see as much play, due to the lack of support for the Token Druid archetype. Fast forward a whole expansion, we now have Arbor Up, where Gibberling fits perfectly into this deck. Gibbering + Innervate or Lightning Bloom leads to very powerful early turn boards. If your opponent does not have a way to deal with the board generated by Gibberling, its very likely you've already won at that point.

Fungal Fortunes

Despite being nerfed from 2 to 3 mana, Fungal Fortunes remained a solid card to add in for Druid decks that make use of mostly spells. Fungal Fortunes helps dig into your token generating cards or your buff cards. What makes the current iteration of Token Druid more powerful than the previous is that it provides more fuel and filtering out the key cards that you need. There's not much else to say other than its a very good draw cared that pushes Token Druid to become of the best decks.

Lunar And Solar Eclipse

For my decklist, I've decided to run 1 of each Lunar and Solar Eclipse. I feel that the 1:1 ratio works very well, but if the meta completely shifts over to Token Druid, you can take out the solar or a 2nd lunar. Lunar is great to deal with the mirror, while solar is more for the midgame burst when you've developed a board. 2 Solars were run in the previous Treant variant, but its not recommended for this version as the old variant had Overgrowth in ramp, where as this current variant does not rely on Overgrowth, often making the 2nd copy of Solar dead when drawn.

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Glowfly Swarm

Glowfly Swarm is one of the core cards of the current standard rotation that allows Token Druid to function properly. It was previously used in Spell Dragon Druid back in Ashes Of Outlands where the deck sat as one of the tier 1 decks of the format. Now, the card has returned as a staple to Token Druid. The card generates a threat, where if the opp doesn't kill the tokens, they are in danger of dying to Savage Roar or some form of buffs. Usually you would want to get at least 4 tokens on board and nothing less, which shouldn't be too hard due to the immense draw power that this deck brings to the table.

Unlike my previous post where I went over matchups against the popular meta decks, there's not much for me to talk about, mostly due to the small number of games I've played with this deck and the game plan is fairly straightforward; Set up minions, buff them, and go face. In the mirror, whoever controls the most minons wins. The only real notable threat is Enrage Warrior(Not Bomb Warrior) due to Skipper being able to clear off boards. The meta will drastically shift to counter this deck, so that's also another reason why I don't feel a need for listing matchups. So… yeah, that pretty much it from me. I hope you enjoy reading this very short guide on Token Druid. If you have any questions, feel free to post and I'll be glad to answer them!

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(So I kinda forgot to include a mulligan guide, whoops. The mulligan guide is pretty much, you can keep anything that isn't soul or savage roar, going second you can look to keep arbor/glowfly.)

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