Solo mode based on PKMN Emerald’s Battle Frontier

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Today I bring you a solo adventure inspired by both Dalaran Heist and Pokemon Emerald's Battle Frontier.

Warning: long post.

For those who don't know, the Battle Frontier is an endgame area in Pokemon Emerald where the player can enter 7 different facilities, which are similar to dungeons, where battles take place with unique rulesets. As the player completes challenges, they are awarded battle points they can trade for special items and abilities to get stronger. After performing well in a facility, the player may challenge the facility's head, a final boss of sorts. If victorious, the player's profile will receive a silver symbol representing the facility. Doing so again (requiring even better performance) will turn the symbol golden. A common endgame goal in pkmn emerald is obtaining all 7 golden symbols.

So, I decided to try and adapt this wonderful endgame challenge to a Dalaran Heist style adventure, with a map to choose each dungeon, a shop for power ups, and an adventure passport, acting as a profile. Do note that while the emerald frontier has 7 facilities, some are not easy to adapt to Hearthstone gameplay, while others are redundant with ine another, so I have also looked at Platinum's Frontier buildings for inspiration.


  • This solo mode revolves around the player dueling npcs of either of the 10 classes, so no overpowered boss encounters. Each battle is at the same power level as the player (with a few exceptions later explained).

  • This mode has 10 deckslots, different from play mode's. One deckslot per class.

  • This mode has its own collection of available cards, with a balance isolated from play mode. All normal NPCs have access to the same total collection as the player. This means that every npc fought clearly belongs to one of the 10 classes (unless it's an exception).

  • The difficulty in each building is tracked separately, and depends on the current win streak of the player in that buildings. Difficulty affects the quality of decks npcs use, but can never have the player face a deck the player would not be able to create (few exceptions)..

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In this screen the players sees a map of the resort, with miniatures of all the buildings. Clicking either opens that dungeon's submenu. There is also a miniature passport, which opens the player profile for that mode. Upon obtaining the silver medal of a building, the miniature becomes silver. Same for gold.


This submenu acts as a stats and progression tracker for the mode. It shows max win streaks for each building, as well as the obtained medals with glimmering shine. It also serves as an access point to the collection.


Here the player can spend the earned points (by completing runs) to buy cards or passive abilities (for a particular mode).

Now the best part, the buildings. The rules will get weirder as we go.


Pure dueling, no anomalies, no bosses, just one deck facing another. The final duel of the 7th run is the Tower boss, who reappears at the end of another 10 runs.


Before each duel, a roulette will cause a random anomaly to be present for the next duel. It may be beneficial, detrimental, innocuous or none at all. The boss appears at the end of the 3rd run for silver, and the 7th for gold.


Here the player is given a deck of random cards but with a balanced mana curve. After defeating each opponent, the player may trade cards from their deck (Bob's Tavern style). Boss appears at 3 then 6 runs, and also has a random yet refined deck.


Style-based fights. While the player can win each encounter by just killing the opponent, there is a secondary ruleset: – The match ends after each player has taken 10 turns. If by then neither has won, the punctuation system comes into place: — 1 point for the player with the most remaining life.

— 1 point for the player who dealt the most damage to the opponent. Using stalling abilities makes the user less likely to get this point.

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— 1 point for the player who used the most mana crystals (crystals from ramping not taken into account). The one with most points is the winner. Draws favor the player.

-Boss appears at run 4, then at run 8.


Fast duels. Both duelists begin the match with 10 life points. The player must select ONE class for the run, and keep using it in the following runs for them to count towards the win streak. Each run consists of 10 battles, one against each class. The player chooses which they fight every step of the way. Boss appears at run 10 (#50 fight), and then at 17 (#170 fight).


Dungeon Run survival. The player brings their deck and begin with 30 life, BUT: – The player does not heal back to full after each fight. – The run is made of random encounters. Some may be duelist npcs, some may be monster encounters (like dungeon run), who have slightly weak thematic decks (ignore cardpool). – After each battle, the player finds an item, and then enters a checkpoint screen (like Bob's Tavern) where the player may look at the accumulated items and use any of them (no restrictions), then move on to the next encounter. – Found items are exclusive to the pyramid, but are kept between runs. – Losing a battle resets the streak count and deletes all items kept in the pyramid. – Boss appears after reaching the summit the 2nd time, then after another 10 rises to the top.


Battlegrounds!! This building puts the player against 7 npcs in a battlegrounds game. Battlegrounds npcs have varying mindsets, some may go for early game, other may be greedy, some always go for tribes, others may go menagerie. The player chooses a passive before each run, and can unlock more from the shop. Npcs will never equip the same passive as the player (unless any picks a Mimic passive). Reaching top4 counts as a win towards a streak. At the 3rd consecutive lobby, the Palace Boss will join the lobby, and is VERY likely to be at least top2 (it might have an unique passive). Will reappear at a 6 lobby streak.

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Lorewise, this could be presented in-universe as 'The Ultimate Hearthstone Dueling Resort', secretly owned by the person who brings you there, who turns out to be the super secret extra final boss: Harth Stonebrew. (Or someone else. Kaiba?)

Each Building boss could also be a known WoW/HS character who fits the theme and flavour of their respective building, and add to its charm.


This is my heaviest HS daydream yet and, while I'm aware this would take infinite resources and is practically a new standalone game, I would gladly pay 30~40 $ for it, even more if well marketed.

I hope you like it, and sorry for cracking my head open yet again! ; >

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