Some deck ideas for the new Standard meta

Hello everyone! I wanted to share a few deck ideas for the new Standard meta, both to help out players who aren't sure what they should play after the release of the new expansion, and also to get some feedback so I can optimize those decks for myself.

The deck I'm most interested in trying out as a warlock main is of course:

Control Warlock


At first I wanted to build a Kazakus warlock deck since I really loved the old Kazakus back when Renolock was the only viable option for warlock players who wanted to climb the Standard ladder. But before I spend 1600 dust on a legendary that might end up being disappointing, I will first try to play the current control list with the Y'shaarj/corrupt package, especially since Dark Skies is rotating out, which might make Cascading Disasters more valuable.

The new key inclusion is Tamsin Roame, which in my opinion, is heavily underestimated right now. People don't seem to talk about this card at all and I don't understand why. With the massive amount of removal and board clear spells in this deck, it seems pretty logical to make use of a card that can copy and even discount those cards. Since this list also runs the Malicia + Void Drinker package, Tamsin Roame can even help create more soul fragments by copying Soul Shear or School Spirits. The value this new legendary generates is just insane.

Since there is a lot of healing in this deck, I also included some flesh giants, because if you're playing against other hard control or OTK decks, you need something to put pressure on them. Jaraxxus is the main win condition, but it's always possible that you don't draw him until fatigue so having additional win conditions, including double Tickatus, seems vital.

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OTK Demon Hunter


People seem to be very pessimistic about Demon Hunter because the Deathrattle package seems not quite strong enough to become a new competitive archetype for Standard yet, but everyone who is pessimistic about this class seems to forget that lifesteal/OTK demon hunter is a viable deck right now that should get a substantial boost in this expansion. Most of it's bad matchups won't exist anymore after the rotation and it's doubtful whether priests will continue to run Illucia in their decks.

There is also the new Sigil of Flame which gives you more time to assemble the combo pieces + the neutral Talented Arcanist card, which gives your next spell +2 damage instead of the +1 you currently get from augmerchant. Anyone who plays this deck knows how massive that +2 spell damage is. The fact that it only increases the power of the first spell you play shouldn't matter because the first spell you play will end every game, unless you didn't manage to play two or more Mo'arg Artificer's.

I included two Venomous Scorpid's into this deck because just like Illidari Studies, this card can discover additional draw or removal, depending on what you need. But it also provides a poisonous body that might slow down your opponent a little. Since it's a 3 mana card, it can immediately be played when discounted by Skull of Gul'dan, potentially giving you a bit of tempo on turn 6/7/8.

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Spell Priest


Just like with Demon Hunter, people seem to be very pessimistic about priest and I don't see it. Priest usually doesn't have nor need big win conditions. Priest relies on powerful board clears to deal with aggressive opponents and on outvaluing other slow decks in the late game. This list should be able to outvalue anything that isn't control warlock. C'thun acts as an alternative win condition.

Key inclusions are Draconic Studies and the new Ysera, which will give you a lot of late game value. Venomous Scorpid can discover healing or board clears against aggressive opponents or maybe some more Draconic Studies or a second Soul Mirror if you are playing against control decks. I'm sure there are many ways to improve this deck, but the point I'm trying to make is that priest doesn't seem to become irrelevant in this new meta. I think the new 9 mana dragons will make sure that priest is at least somewhat competitive in Standard.

Beast Hunter


And last and probably least is this beast hunter build. I'm not that confident that it'll be good enough, but I think it does have some potential because buffed beasts are difficult to deal with and we already know from the past how powerful Dire Frenzy is.

Key cards in this deck are of course Dire Frenzy and Sunscale Raptor, as well as Zixor. All of these cards provide late game value and can be useful against both aggressive and slow opponents. There are also two manafeeder panthera's and voracious reader's since this deck would otherwise lack card draw. The Warsong Wrangler is probably the most powerful new card for hunter and may make this deck, or some variation of it, viable.

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I didn't include Tavish Stormpike in this deck because I honestly think that it sucks. The beasts you're playing in this deck are cheap so they won't summon anything useful and even if they did, Tavish's effect seems to be too situational to be worth it.

What do you think, everyone? I would love to read some feedback or some of your ideas for new Standard decks!


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