Some Hearthstone card summon quotes that I wish a woman would say to me with explanations

  • Booty Bay Bodyguard: "Ehh, get behind me." This implies that she is strong and is able to protect me from scary things.

  • Bolderfist Oger: "What you looking at?" This means that she noticed that I was looking at her through my binoculars from the Wendy's across the street from the gym she works out at.

  • Satyr Overseer: "All I see is weakness!" Implies that she has seen a lot of me and is able to determine that I am truly a weak boy.

  • Psychic Conjurer: "Don't keep your thoughts to yourself." She actually cares about my feelings. 🙂

  • Earthen Ring Farseer: "My eyes are open." Means she doesn't need to keep her eyes closed in order to tolerate me.

  • Dark Iron Dwarf: "You call that a weapon? Ha!" Weapon is clearly used as slang for penis, and she would see my pathetic two inch dick and mock it.

  • Doomsayer: "The end is coming!" She is considerate and tells me when she is close to orgasming because sex is uncomfortable for me.

  • Brightwing: "We are friends now. Hello friend!" I'd have a friend. 🙂

  • Body Wrapper: "I believe in second chances." She knows that I'm going to fuck up somehow yet she is willing to give me another shot.

  • Elise the Enlightened: "Need a hand, explorer?" Being called an explorer makes me cum immediately.

  • Star Student Stelina: "We'll just have a little peek! Heeheehee!" Seems ambiguous at first, but she clearly is wanting to peek at my previously mentioned pathetically small penis and laugh at it.

  • G'huun the Blood God: "I will give your flesh purpose." She's found something for me to do other than sit on my ass and make stupid lists on the internet.

  • Envoy Rustwix: "No one drives this rust heap but me!" I like it when women give me cute nicknames.

  • Dark Inquisitor Xanesh: "Your cry shall echo for eternity." This shouldn't need an explanation.

  • Backstreet Leper: "You feel icky!" Yeah, it's an insult, but it means she felt me.

  • Grimestreet Smuggler: "What? They fell off a truck." She cares about me enough to know the circumstances of my birth.

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