Some Simple, Player-Friendly Economy Changes They Could Have Made

Content of the article: "Some Simple, Player-Friendly Economy Changes They Could Have Made"

As we have heard more than once, the ostensible intent of the new reward track was to give players more gold and more rewards. As we know, they fell short of that, appeared to reduce event rewards (so far) and, in the process, created a needlessly-complex XP system that feels bad to play under and difficult to understand.

Here are some suggestions for simpler changes they could have made which would (a) guarantee they succeed in their goal of more stuff and (b) be easy for anyone to understand:

  • Give players 10g per win and 5g per loss: Maintaining the old gold-cap of 100g a day, this new system would give players the ability to get a pack from playing each day after 10-20 games worth of engagement. This would also take some of the sting out of losing games or playing meme decks, since you still get rewarded. Just have to think about the conceding to quickly farm 5gs problem (which can easily be solved) and how that translates to duels or whether it requires any additional changes at all there (should work fine for arena and BGs)

  • Cut non-golden crafting costs by half: You know what feels really bad? Having to destroy cards to make new cards. The fewer you have to blow up to make new stuff the better, as it lets players hold onto more of their collection instead of constantly losing them to try and keep up. This allows cosmetics to still be money-makers and might even encourage people to make them more since they have to worry less about their collection

  • Add equal amounts of dusts to daily quests: Those old 60g/60 dust quests felt incredibly rewarding. They simply give players access to more stuff. I think everyone would enjoy that

  • Give the Classic set in its entirety to all players: Now players have more stuff as a foundation for the game and it becomes easier to balance a F2P economy where players are more on the same page. This creates a much better experience for new and returning players

  • Make the mid-season expansion free or a small cost, like $5: You know what felt bad about adventures? Spending lots of money or gold to only get a few cards you wanted. The solution to that doesn't need to be making expansions larger and harder to manage your pack openings. You could just have made spending money on those cards feel better, whether because it's much cheaper or because you don't have to spend money. These would create get re-entry points for players into the game

If we want to tack a battle pass on top of that which rewards additional stuff, like legendary cards, packs, cosmetics, and what have you? You could even do that as well.

These are simple, easy-to-understand reward boosts. If the goal was really to give players more stuff, any of them (or combinations of them) could not fail. Everyone would see the new system, understand it's better, and understand why it's better.

So how could the goal have been missed so badly?

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