Stonks Hunter (Inspired by Dane)

Content of the article: "Stonks Hunter (Inspired by Dane)"

If you haven’t seen Dane’s YouTube video, I recommend you start there.

For reference, here is his deck code:


I liked his idea and decided to refine it. I climbed easily, got excited, and decided to share before I hit Legend. It’s not every day Hunter feels relevant in Wild. I not only have a positive win rate, but it’s against Reno Priest and Darkglare Warlock. More below.

First, here is my list and deck code, which I am recommending:


Class: Hunter

Format: Wild

2x (1) Animated Broomstick

2x (1) Play Dead

2x (1) Tracking

2x (1) Trueaim Crescent

2x (2) Fireworks Tech

2x (2) Freezing Trap

2x (2) Mad Scientist

2x (2) Pack Tactics

2x (2) Wandering Monster

2x (3) Nine Lives

2x (3) Spider Bomb

2x (3) Ursatron

2x (4) Necromechanic

1x (5) Zilliax

1x (6) Oblivitron

2x (7) Darkmoon Tonk


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To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

The point of the deck is an OTK. <>, <>, <>, and another activator outputs 32 damage. (Coin required if none of the pieces are on board.) BUT, the OTK is not necessary to win. Damage can be divided over multiple turns.

The rest of the package is there to either stall or get in chip damage, depending on the matchup. Here are the key takeaways…

  • The secret package is updated from what Dane shared. The package is still meant to be defensive, but it is more efficient and has synergy with your cards. <> often lets you keep your board, which is critical, and it also helps protect face when <> triggers. I cut <> since it didn’t contribute to the overall plan.

  • <> and <> are clutch inclusions. When you layer your Spider Bomb triggers – <>, <>, <>, <> – it is enough to get through <> boards, sometimes even Big Priest boards (but Big Priest is an unfavorable matchup). The key reason? <> and <> don’t really counter you. Broomstick is also an activator for Oblivitron and Darkmoon Tonk, Spider Bomb is another target for <>, etc.

  • <> is your tutor that completes the Mech package and is what makes the deck viable, pulling your combo, which is: spam the deathrattle of Darkmoon Tonk with all your activators. Nine Lives is key for re-using Tonk’s damage, with Oblivitron and Necromechanic it is usually lights out.

I wish I had more time to curate the list, but real life, etc. Just explore and have fun, the deck is a blast!!

Source: reddit.com

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