Tavern Brawl this week is… “The Outlandish Burndown” (June 24, 2020)

Description: "It's the Burndown, Felfire style! Get a deck, Hero Power and treasure. Keep 'em if you win!"

Format: Premade / random class. Reminder that if you win, you'll pilot the same deck in your next game; if you lose, you will pilot the "winner's deck" (and HP) in your next game. (And yes, Demon Hunters are in the mix this time.) Also please note, it appears your "Treasure" changes every game, win or lose.

Reward: one Classic pack for your first win. Just to clarify on the Description's wording, the cards from the deck you're playing do not get added to your collection. This isn't like a Sealed or Draft event in MTG.

History: This is the third time we've seen the Burndown format; the first time took place last July and the second time was this past March. Here's the Reddit thread from last time.

Good luck & have fun!

EDIT TO ADD: the Treasures seem to be from the KnC through SOU solo content. In my first game I got "Rocket Backpacks — all of your minions have Rush."

Also, it appears each class gets one of several upgraded HP. I'll try and crowdsource the full list:

  • Demon Hunter

    • Combination Strike (costs 1): "Gain +1 Attack. If a friendly minion attacked this turn, gain +2 Attack instead."
  • Druid

    • Nature's Grasp (costs 2): "Summon a 2/2 Treant with Taunt."
    • : "Restore a minion to full health."
    • : "Deal 3 damage to an enemy or restore 3 health to a friendly character."
  • Hunter

    • Trusty Whip (costs 2): "Deal 1 damage to a minion and the minion right of it."
  • Priest

    • Fortune (costs 1): "Discover a copy of a card from your opponent's deck."
  • Shaman

    • , Passive HP: "When you play a card with Overload, cast a random Lightning spell."
  • Warlock

    • Pain Split (costs 2): "Take 2 damage. Deal 2 damage."
    • : "Take 2 damage. Summon a 2/2 Imp."
  • Warrior

    • Undermine (costs 2): "Shuffle two Explosives into your opponent's deck." (These are Cast When Drawn and deal 3 damage to the opponent when drawn.)
    • Tank up! (costs 2): "Gain 4 Armor." (yep, the ole Justicar Trueheart classic)
    • Invigorating Brew (costs 2): "Deal 1 damage to a minion and give it +2 Attack."

Source: reddit.com

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