The biggest issue with Hearthstone is not the reward track. It’s the abysmal communication with the community

Content of the article: "The biggest issue with Hearthstone is not the reward track. It’s the abysmal communication with the community"


Earlier this year we were told that the team would communicate more to the community. But if I look at all the issues right now, ironically, to me, lack of communication is actually the core issue. I think lack of communication can be directly related to most of the complaints on this subreddit.

Reward track issues? Communication was and still is bad. XP-events are still a huge question mark and many rewards that were given and have been announced recently seem to just be copies of events that we already had.

Economy issues? Tell us in what way this game is still affordable even when rolling out 105 extra cards a year. Last year we had many complaints when the Galakrond adventure was pretty much mandatory in order to play competitive ranked games. But that feels like a breeze compared to the announcement that we have three mini-sets per year extra. I'm afraid that the costs of obtaining most of the cards from those mini-sets are more expensive than the cost of three additional adventures. Also, forcing people to buy packs to unlock hero powers in Duels is one of the most obvious paywalls in Hearthstone's history.

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Bugs? So many bugs in this patch, from tooltips to crashes to UI-errors to textual errors to mobile performance issues to random rune orb popups to XP-botting to weird Duels buckets… and more.

XP per hour? So vague. It takes Excel and a lot of dedication for the community to find out that 400XP/hour is optimistic and that it differs from other game modes.

Missing weekly quests? It's still unclear if any retroactive quests will be rolled out.

I love this game. I've invested so much time and money in it. If the game is almost impossible to pick up for new players, even though they get a free deck, atleast make sure you communicate to your current player base who, even though we're sometimes too vocal and, in my opinion, aggressive, help built this experience to what it is.

My two cents is that COVID hit the team hard (as it hits us all hard) and that Blizzard just can't seem to keep up with all the gamemodes, bugfixes and content that is planned – let alone communicating clearly.

Blizzard! Talk to us! Atleast to the ones that still have hope, love your product, but are seriously worried for it's future. Just a bi-weekly blog or public Trello board with what's up, what issues are recognized, etc. It would be awesome to receive some transparancy and information, when there isnt a new bundle or expansion to back it up.

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Good luck!

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