The fact that battlegrounds combats can take so long that you skip the recruiting phase entirely is worrying and should be looked into.

Content of the article: "The fact that battlegrounds combats can take so long that you skip the recruiting phase entirely is worrying and should be looked into."

I wanted to spark a discussion about changing the timing system in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. Now this may not be news for everyone, but it is possible for the game to skip the recruit phase if the combat goes long enough as shown in this clip (courtesy of kellenabel).

Just as a heads up, this has occured in older patches aswell, especially in the early days of battlegrounds when animation speed was slower than it is now, and isn't that common after all, but Blizzard has yet to make any changes to prevent this from happening. Most of the times it involves some kind of Deathrattle + Baron/Khadgar shenanigans which causes a battle to overflow in animations for this to happen.

For me, this is a worrying trend, especially considering that heroes like Nzoth and a few others have animations either in battle or before battle that decreases the amount of time you'd have after the combat. With Darkmoon rewards taking extra time for players to think about every fourth turn, this just enhances the underlying problem. Stuff like this kind of 'forces' players to use the controversial disconnect exploit to skip the fight.

Of course this wouldn't be constructive criticism if I just mention flaws of the game, without presenting any solutions to it. There are many suggested ways of coping with that problem, here are a few of them:

  • One is the TFT approach, where you let players wait until everyone is finished with their battle before recruiting phase begins. This would make intentionally DCing obsolete as you'd need to wait for the others anyway to continue. It would also make it fair for everyone in the lobby, since everybody gets the same amount of time to do their turn. An obvious flaw with this approach would be that players, who fight a ghost, a weak player or just don't have any extra animations (deathrattle/reborn/etc.) in their battles, would need to wait up to a minute doing nothing in worst cases.
  • Another possible solution is to implement some sort of feature to disable/fast forward animations or just to fast foward the fight. While this is not really appealing to especially new players, it would work just fine without changing the rest of the game. It's just like a "disconnect option" implemented into the client.
  • And last, my least favorite option, remove Khadgar. There would still be a way for animations to waste enough time so the recruitment turn is skipped, but it would need a very specific set of minions. Like a Lich King with Baron, Sneeds, Cobra, Kangors, Selfless could get there, especially if some of these were golden. With Khadgar removed, the incentive to disconnect would be much lower. Now I'm not a huge Khadgar fan myself since it's kind of broken, especially with dragons in the pool, but it is a strat that can lose and win you games based on your proficiency/skill with this strat.
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I'd be interested if there was any solution I couldn't think of on the spot. I really hope that Hearthstone devs are going to aknowledge this underlying issue and are working on changes to prevent stupid stuff like this from happening. Popular streamers like dogdog and Purple have spoken about this issue, but no changes have been made so far, the only thing we can do now is speak about it and hope.

I'm new to this sub and I'm not entirely sure if the following is considered a repost or not, I did a quick check and there wasn't one that was entirely the same. Also didn't exactly know whether to lable this as discussion or battlegrounds, since it is about battlegrounds, but the main focus of the post is the discussion about it. Please make sure to tell me if I'd need to change anything.

Tell me what you think and thanks for reading! 🙂

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