The hidden resource of tempo in hearthstone

Hey guys,

I wanted to open up a discussion on tempo.

How you perceive it as a player and how you use it to better improve your play.

For me, it’s a concept that has only really just fully clicked. And it’s really changed the way I’ve played in recent weeks.

Tempo (at least How i see it) is like looking at a chess board and seeing the pieces and saying “player x is winning becuase they have better board presence” it isn’t necessarily indicating the winner of the match, but they aren’t wrong on who is currently at better odds to win.

For me, I realise tempo as a resource in the early turns that I spend for more abundant tools to gain substantial tempo in later turns.

For instance, we know ethereal augmerchant can be used to make our other cards more powerful late game, but poking a paladins 1/1 on the coin just saved us a potential 3/3 on turn 2. That tempo gain is massive compared to the upside later on.

But we also know that we can draw card in the early game while “flipping the board” later on with more powerful cards.

Your ability to understand to best utilise the time you have available before the game ends is based on how well you understand the meta.

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As I understood the current meta better and played a deck that could spend resources more freely in earlier turns or later turns depending on how fast I needed to be, I realised I could spend resources that would be more powerful later, but gives me tempo now. Against some matchups, that is win rate changing.

The deck that best utilised that for me was /u/mullahoo ‘s Dbl otk miracle rogue.

The deck has so many Swiss Army knife cards that you can play in lieu of value favouring tempo. And understanding what you need in that matchup shifts the true optimal play of that card in any given scenario.

However, to pilot the deck optimally, understanding tempo is a must.

I’d love to see alternative views of this meta-term. I think that a lot of players who post here look at cards on HSreplay and make assumptions on the extrinsic value of the card, without looking at the intrinsic value of the card truely think that everyone is flawless at playing, when I think understanding the hidden meta-mechanics of the game truely changes the way you play.


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