The Lich King 2020 – Budget decks with guide and replays

So I had some spare time this weekend, so I finally decided to go for the Lich King. I followed some decks from hearthpwn, but slightly modified, included some cards from the latest expansions. No legendaries involved (just one for paladin, I will explain later)





Murlocs. 9th try. 5 restart on mulligan. 3 failures. Dead on turn 7. Trade carefully to keep key murlocs alive. An early molten giant is really helpful here.




Grim Patron + Platebreaker. 2nd try, 1 failure. Dead on turn 10. Just enjoy playing with grim patrons and whirlwinds, easy.





Hyenas. 5th try. 3 restarts on mulligan, 1 failure. Dead on turn 7. Aim for Molten giant/hyena/alleycats on mulligans. After that, easy.




Murlocs. 2nd try, 1 failure. Dead on turn 7. I keep the dragon on mulligan for skyfin, so lucky I draw it after.





Murlocs. 2nd try, 1 failure. Dead on turn 12. Mulligan the dragon again for skyfin.





Jade golems + ramp up. 13th try. 4 restarts. 8 failures. Dead on turn 11. Mulligan for ramp up spells. Easy fight, just need to be lucky with drops/board control. Play with Gadgetzan Auctioneer and jade idols. Important, if you get the jade idol soon, dont use it, dont fill your deck with useless jade idols at that point, wait for the auctioneer combo. The auctioneer rarely stay alive more than 1 turn, so keep that in mind when you play it

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Kabal lackey + Mana bind + Platebreaker. 50+ restarts on mulligan, got kabal lacket+mana bind on mulligan only 2 times, first time missed the win for 1 mana. Second time dead on turn 5. Super easy: copy his first spell, control deck with freezes/trades, and wait for platebreaker so you only need to deal 1 damage to win.





Murlocs. 13 tries. 1 restart, 12 failures. Dead on turn 10. Really complicated fight. I tried to keep alive underbelly angler, for an infinite source of non-1-1 minions. Some lucky drops and there you go, With bloodlust you can even get the win past turn 7




Kel'thuzad explot. I tried over 50 times the young dragonhawk windfury deck, failing miserably. Another 50 tries with random murloc decks, no luck. In this fight the lich king trades everything, so after 4-5 hours of desperation I just crafted Kel'thuzad. Got the win at the 2nd try. The trick is to get alive to turn 7, clear all his minions except 1 with Enter the coliseum, play Kel'thuzad with 2 taunt minions, and thats it. He will never get past it. Then play Scaled nightmare for a possible OTK. It was my last card of the deck, so I almost died of fatigue.

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And thats it. New hero portrait!

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