The most important HS economy change people are not focusing on

Content of the article: "The most important HS economy change people are not focusing on"

You need to collect 35 more cards now.

So from all the other posts what I am seeing is that we lose about 2000 gold and gain a legendary an epic, 7 new packs, 9 old packs and 2 tickets. While I am not sure if the 2k gold is worth more or less than these extra rewards, I am sure that the difference between them is insignificant compered to the game having 25% more cards to collect. So even if we assume that these new rewards are equal in value to the 2000 gold, the game still got 25% more expensive!

And another thing to remember is, the fact that the extra 35 cards come in later makes this increase even worse. Because they come in late it means you will be forced to choose between 2 not ideal options:

Option A – hoard packs

Lets say you keep 20 packs for the mini expansion. Some of these might have contained epics and legendries you ended up crafting.

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Option B – open all packs immediately

When mini set hits, you will be missing all the commons and rares and will either need to wait until you open enough packs and play without them, buy packs with money, buy packs with gold you normally would have kept for next expansion.

Not a fun choice to make. Either way your gold usage efficiency gets hurt making the actual increase in price MORE than 25%.

Another effect to consider. The mini set could potentially make some cards you crafted earlier not needed anymore (there are only so many cards that can fit in the meta). Had they come at the same time as the main expansion, you might have not crafted them at all. So this is another hidden cost that's hard to evaluate in size.

Lastly, Duels requires you to own all sorts cards to have access to some treasures and hero powers. Assuming at least some of these are ones you wouldn't have crafted otherwise and there's another price increase for you.

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Bottom line. Game is at least 25% more expensive now (likely more as I explained). And while getting packs instead of gold in the reward track is annoying, it's not even the biggest problem and mostly serves as a distraction from the main issue.

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