The Pigquisition, Or: Russian Nesting Dolls with Cascading Walls of Pork

First of all, the proof.

The Concept

With the simultaneous release of Forged in the Barrens and the 2021 Core set, Demon Hunter was given two seemingly incompatible packages. The first was, in fact, a single body: <>, an 8/8 menace who makes Ragnaros the Firelord look bad unless it's a fair fight. As the second "instant face damage" big demon given to Demon Hunter, this single minion, coupled with <>, finally allows for a big demon package with enough payoff cards.

Checking HSreplay.net, you can see that practically nobody is doing this. There's a single blip on the radar, and it's a full big demon deck with Pit Commander. Since Pit Commander's immediate impact is to line your other big demons up to get nuked off the field without letting them go face immediately, this means our priestess is being utterly overlooked.

The issue with going big demons, of course, is that anything big needs to be cheated out to be good. <> was used in early versions of this deck, but, really, she's as slow as the big demons themselves, and never really worked out, while <> allowed for an early demon at the cost of losing a little tempo early. It was neither enough cheat nor enough speed.

Enter the CASCADING WALL OF PORK. Though individually quite weak, <> and <>, along with a bevy of taunt, rush, or rush-and-then-taunt minions that they can cheat out for free, fills in the early curve nicely, with the caveat that this sort of strategy burns a LOT of cards.

Given big demons are enormous threats all on their own and don't take up much deck space, we reach the point where loading half of your deck into the equivalent of a porcine blunderbuss is actually a good idea.

Deck Packages

Demons? Demons.

  • Priestess of Fury
  • Illidari Inquisitor
  • Raging Felscreamer

This is your finisher. Turn 4 often turns out to be a dead turn. If your pork cascade is working properly, you will likely not have a 4-mana minion you want to play EXCEPT for Raging Felscreamer. She curves straight into a Priestess of Fury just as the deathrattle wall begins to fade, or allows for an early Inquisitor, assuming you kept a weapon charge. Once these bad boys come out, you're either taking initiative, or you're about to eat a hand of control cards.

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The Pork Cascade

  • Razorboar
  • Razorfen Beastmaster
  • Death's Head Cultist
  • Renowned Performer
  • Fishy Flyer
  • Taelan Fordring
  • Death Speaker Blackthorn
  • Tuskpiercer

Here's where we get a little weird compared to other deathrattle demon hunters. Where's the 4 mana 5/7? To put it bluntly, it doesn't do anything immediately, so we don't want it. Looking over this list, we have the five minions that cheat stuff out, and everything else is either taunt or rush, with one of them being both, but not both at once.

Against a control deck, the massive redundancy of a board that can only be described as a haunted creeper cosplaying as a voidlord is enough to overwhelm easy board removal and force bad, panicked plays in most players. This, then, makes a priestess even more of a shock.

Against an aggro deck, the wall of rush and taunt minions punishes their high damage, low longevity plays, until they're topdecking, you're doing slightly better than topdecking, and then you blow the lid off the game with big demons or the ubiquitous Skull of Gul'dan.

Staying Alive, Staying Alive!

  • Eye Beam
  • Aldrachi Warblades
  • Death's Head Cultist

On day 2 of the post-Lunacy meta, we have rogues and face hunters doing their best to bash your face in as quickly as they can. This stops that, and makes you favored against their shenanigans.

Generic Good Stuff

  • Illidari Studies
  • Mankrik
  • Skull of Gul'dan

Mankrik? Yes, Mankrik. He's a solid enough body that slams down when your pigs are going full blast, and when you transition to the endgame, he is very likely to spit a 3/10 out of nowhere and absolutely ruin your opponent's calculations at the best possible time.

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<> finds a home for two reasons. First, this deck's overall theme is mana cheating. Eye Beams cheat, big demons cheat, and the pig cascade is nothing short of ridiculous. By allowing us to discount key healing or draw cards on an off turn, we can effectively invest in cheating out a cheat, and then the enemy is explode. The second is flexibility. Against face, you can find Kurtrus and rip a board in half. Against control, you can find Felosophy and make that 4-mana skulled priestess clone herself. Against your packages not meshing, you can use one of demon hunter's many Outcast draw options to fix that bricked draw. You'll find other uses, I'm sure!

You know why Skull is here. Moving on!


I don't keep stats, so this is going to be somewhat handwavey.

Face Decks

Try to pig cascade. Against hunter, keep eye beam. Against rogue, hard keep the Death's Head. Keep your health up, outpace them in mana efficiency, and choke them out with your first or second big demon. Extremely favored.

Control Decks

Against warlock, try to pig cascade for chip damage early. Against priest, toss the cascade back unless it's a good one. You're looking to get a <> off of a Studies to copy the first demon you discount with Skull of Gul'Dan, because the average priest will be able to deal with five big threats, but six is where they start to be shaky. Favored against warlock, slightly unfavored against priest, and you run warriors right over unless you let them get to <> (rank 3). If they do, your inquisitor gets shut down and it's time to go to the next game.


They ruin you. Studies to find Stelina. GET RID of <>, or you are done. If they go wide, get a priestess out and sacrifice half your board to up her chances of clearing it. The path to victory is narrow, and the fall oh so deep. Next!

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Spell Mage

You ruin them. If you can taunt a devolve onto the start of your cascade, the demons are home free. Keep their generated minions off the field, don't walk into <>, and apply pressure that forces use of their burn spells in suboptimal ways. Mankrik is absurdly good here, and is right up there with your first inquisitor as the piece that turns back and forth into "…guess I die!"

The Deck

### The Pigquisition

# Class: Demon Hunter

# Format: Standard

# Year of the Gryphon


# 2x (1) Illidari Studies

# 2x (1) Tuskpiercer

# 2x (2) Chaos Strike

# 2x (2) Razorboar

# 2x (3) Aldrachi Warblades

# 2x (3) Death's Head Cultist

# 2x (3) Eye Beam

# 1x (3) Mankrik

# 2x (3) Razorfen Beastmaster

# 1x (4) Fishy Flyer

# 2x (4) Raging Felscreamer

# 2x (4) Renowned Performer

# 1x (5) Taelan Fordring

# 2x (6) Skull of Gul'dan

# 1x (7) Death Speaker Blackthorn

# 2x (7) Priestess of Fury

# 2x (8) Illidari Inquisitor




# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone


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