The state Arena has been in for the past 7 months is maddening

Content of the article: "The state Arena has been in for the past 7 months is maddening"

To give a bit of background, I won't claim to be an expert in arena, but I am at least familiar enough with the mode. I've reached 12 wins 3 times, have a little under 1300 cumulative wins, and have played the mode relatively regularly since TGT. I've seen a fair amount of arena metas; I was playing when every Paladin had multiple Spikeridged Steeds and games were decided entirely by Vicious Fledglings. I was playing arena when Bonemare was 7 mana. I was playing arena when pre-nerf Corridor Creepers were being buffed by Fungalmancers on curve. I've seen the metas that revolved around North Sea Krakens, Bog Creepers, Piloted Shredders, Burly Shovelfists, and a dozen other insane cards, but I can safely say, arena has never felt worse than the past seven months, since the release of DoD last December.

A lot of hate It's not just Twin Tyrants deciding every other game. It's people consistently playing active Scaleriders on turn 3 for insane tempo. It's Evasive Wyrms that some classes simply cannot answer in any efficient manner. It's randomly generated and unanswerable DQA's being active off of the completely random luck of draws. It's people getting these insane cards three times over because of draconic Lackeys and the explorer cards. Problem cards have always existed in arena, yes, but they were never this easily generated, and they were never let run rampant in arena for this long. Bonemare was nerfed. Fledgling was removed. Regular rotations got rid of problem cards that defined metas. Nothing has been done about any of the cards from Descent of Dragons.

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Perhaps the most frustrating part of this though is the multiple opportunities to easily make arena better by simply removing Descent of Dragons from the rotation. And yet they don't. I get keeping a set in the rotation while it's the newest set. But they kept DoD in even when Ashes of Outland dropped. And despite multiple patches since then, arena has not changed. Descent of Dragons ruined arena on week one of its release, and it has been allowed to stay and slowly kill the playerbase's interest in the mode entirely. Arena has been my favorite part of Hearthstone for years, but it's practically unplayable right now. Hardly anybody has enjoyed this mode for nearly seven months now.

I get it, Arena's not the most popular mode. But making it, at the very least, 10 times better, requires one single and easy change. I can't imagine deciding and programming the sets for a rotation taking that long, but I don't even think a full rotation is necessary. All it would take is removing one set, and vastly improving the experience for every arena player. It can't be that ridiculous of a request.

TLDR: please blizzard just end the misery of your arena players already by removing descent of dragons.

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