The toxicity in this community is seriously pathetic

Content of the article: "The toxicity in this community is seriously pathetic"

If you’ve ever tuned in to HS Grandmasters on youtube you would know how awful the chat is. Instead of appreciating good play, chat whines and complains the whole time. They insult grandmasters’ physical appearances, complain about casting, complain about RNG, priest, blizzard, long games, other users in chat, etc. For some reason chat users are obsessed with trying to find faults with grandmaster play, for every time someone points out a good play there are 10 times where chat says “misplay” despite usually being wrong. They constantly insult gms (“noob” and “bronze player”) and backseat game in every match.

When gm JustSaiyan, a successful veteran player and very likeable person, got relegated today on the back of a couple poor series, the entire chat was filled with insults and criticism of Saiyan. You would expect a gaming community to respect their top players and be supportive if they have a rough few games, and that’s pretty much the exact opposite of this community. It isn’t just the vocal minority of chat users. Every single user sounds like a narcissistic child complaining about how the pro players or the game isn’t entertaining enough for them. Imagine how terrible it must feel being a professional player in that community.

Sure, you can claim it’s just youtube chat being youtube chat, but that isn’t really the case. We’ve all experienced people friend requesting us after the game to scream in all caps and complain about how stupid our deck is. Outside of high legend, your ladder opponent BMs you for seemingly no reason every other game. The community is constantly complaining about some deck or some archetype, and when they can’t find anything to complain about in the meta, they’ll complain about single player content or tavern brawls or pack bundles, etc. Gaming communities are usually toxic but I’ve never seen a community so whiny or so disrespectful of their pro players.

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