Thinking Out Loud, Co-oping, and Reflecting to Improve at Hearthstone

Hello Everyone! I am Rarran and I am here to talk about how Thinking Out Load, Co-oping, and Reflecting will help you improve faster!

Some background on myself:

I am a high legend player, currently I am at 203 legend on the NA server and I have been playing this game since closed beta. Last month, I was 5000+ Legend and I was feeling very discouraged as I was continuing to fail on the ladder. Last month, I spoke with MeatiHS, who I would highly recommend if you are looking to improve at the game and get a completely perspective on how to play the game but we will get to him later. After speaking with him, I took his advice and climbed all the way back to top 500 legend before the end of the season and my overall confidence was much higher when queuing up for a game of ladder!

What did I start doing differently: If you would prefer here is a video on what I will be talking about! Video

Thinking out loud:

This is was one of the biggest changes and it helped me decide what was the correct play each turn in order to make my plays as efficiently as possible. When you think out loud, you get to hear the plays you're about to make, which may sound stupid, but it actually lets you hear it and register it with a different part of your brain. This makes your brain think differently about the play and can help you make a different/better play. Thinking out loud has also enabled me to think about what my opponents next turn will be and make plays accordingly to either make their turn difficult or awkward. Lastly, it made me to start think about my next couple of turns, planning out my mana and thinking on how to make my game plan work.

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What to take away from Thinking Out Loud:

  • You can think about what are your options and which one is the most effective for the current turn in context of the game state
  • You can predict what your opponent wants to do and make plays based on the information from the game
  • You can make a game plan and think about the next couple of turns

Now I know you can do this in your head, and not talk out loud but in my experience I was not doing anything mentioned above in my head, and I have now trained myself to do this without talking.


I cannot recommend this enough! This is an extension of thinking out loud but with another person. This allows the players to converse about what potentially plays there are to make and convince each other on why their play is correct. This lets you learn on a lot of levels:

  • You may learn a different line that you did not think about before
  • You may learn on why the play you suggested was incorrect or inefficient in the current context of the game
  • You can reflect on the decisions with someone else and further your learning of the match up, or piloting the deck
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A couple of things I would recommend if you are co-oping:

  • Try to find someone who is engaged in the game, this way you are both actively learning and trying to improve
  • If you can, find someone who is above you in skill and see what they would do in situations, this is the same reason why watching high legend streamers are great to watch!
  • Pick a deck that you are learning or wanna to get better on


MeatiHS is the main reason why I started doing this and I will link his excellent tweet! To summarize his graphic, you wanna reflect after each game and this will help accelerate on how fast you will improve, this could also be used with anything in life. In my experience the most important point of this tweet is to "pick the most important turn of the game" and reflect on the decision you make. Take the time to think about this turn and ask yourself the following:

  • What happened?
  • Why did I make the decision I made?
  • What other decision was there?
  • What did I learn?

Asking yourself these questions after each game will help you use what you learned in the next game! Like MeatiHS says in the tweet:

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Learning is slow and subconscious. Reflection is fast, conscious learning. By reflecting after every game, you can see a year’s worth of improvement in just one month


In my opinion doing all 3 of these simultaneously will help improve you much faster and will help you achieve your goals in hearthstone!

Thanks for reading my post!

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