This is pretty much exactly how it works in legends of runeterra

Content of the article: "This is pretty much exactly how it works in legends of runeterra"

This is pretty much exactly how it works in Legends Of Runeterra. The game absolutely showers you with cards, shards (i.e. dust) and "wildcards", which you trade for any card of your choice of that rarity.

Each week you also get a separate exp track that gives bigger rewards the more you play – even if you only log in once or twice a week to do a daily quest or two, you still end up with a couple packs and a Champion (i.e. legendary) card each week. Log in each day for your dailies, maybe an extra game or two here and there, and you get at least 6 packs, a bunch of shards, a Champion wildcard and an Expedition (i.e. Arena) entry token.

So what happens is, you build your collection pretty much entirely F2P. I've been playing for about half a year and have almost every single card unlocked, with enough wildcards in the bank to spot craft anything I need to fill out a new deck.

The game instead heavily monetises cosmetics – custom playing boards, mascots, emotes, card backs etc. During event battlepass tracks, most of the special cosmetics are locked behind the paid version.

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And you know what? It WORKS. People happily pay money as they like for cosmetic options and don't pay anything if they don't go in for that kinda thing. Nobody ever, EVER complains that the game itself feels stingy about allowing you to build your card collection.

The main meme on the LOR sub is that the "P2W aspect" of the game is the emote meta. Every now and again, Riot releases new sticker emotes that you can throw out midgame, sort of like how you do in Hearthstone Battlegrounds except on a whole new level. The joke is that you need to customise your loadout of six stickers to cover every occasion – BMing your opponent, saying Well Played, snarking back after your opponent BMs you and you counter their play etc. That's it. Nothing about the cards themselves.

Note as well that I am NOT a fanboy of either game. I love playing HS and LOR equally, and I don't buy in to trashing games just because you play a similar one by a different developer. All I'm saying is that Riot have proven that you can have a business model that rewards players, lets them play the game, doesn't piss people off AND STILL MAKES MONEY.

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