Vereesa Hunter OTK deck from Diamond 10 to Legend


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I piloted this homebrew Vereesa Hunter deck from Diamond 10 to Legend this season, with a record of 34-11. To be clear, this record is for ONLY the games in which I have used this deck build while in Diamond. I did not use any other deck in Diamond. Scroll further below to see the decks against which I played, as well as the recordings for them!

Proof of Legend: https://i.imgur.com/81yuwNV.jpg

Here is the deck:


Class: Hunter

Format: Wild

2x (1) Arcane Shot

1x (1) Flare

2x (1) Rapid Fire

2x (1) Tracking

2x (1) Wound Prey

1x (2) Bloodmage Thalnos

2x (2) Explosive Trap

1x (2) Freezing Trap

2x (2) Phase Stalker

2x (2) Pressure Plate

2x (2) Quick Shot

2x (2) Wandering Monster

2x (3) Kill Command

1x (3) Petting Zoo

1x (4) Piercing Shot

1x (4) Rinling's Rifle

1x (5) Barak Kodobane

1x (5) Lorekeeper Polkelt

1x (6) Emperor Thaurissan

1x (7) Vereesa Windrunner


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone


  • Always keep Phase Stalker and Rinling's Rifle
  • Aggro: keep Explosive Trap
  • APM/Mozaki: keep Pressure Plate
  • Against most slow decks, keeping Barak Kodobane is fine.
  • Other card(s) to keep in other matchups are at your own discretion, but usually you're good if you get at least a Phase Stalker and/or Rinling's.


The deck's win-condition is pretty simple: you'll want to play Vereesa, then in the subsequent turn, attack with the weapon and play all the burn pieces such as Rapid Fire, Wound Prey, Kill Command, etc. The deck can kill from 30, which is where Thaurissan would come in. In some matchups, the Secret package plus Petting Zoo are enough to win.

Based on the games I've played, it has hard matchups against any Reno deck, and also against Warlock (Disco is fine, but Reno, Control, Cube, and Mecha'thun are troublesome; to be honest, I faced only one Warlock in Diamond, but ran into a bunch in Platinum). However, it can hold its own against aggro, and does really well against slow decks like Big Priest.

In general, you will likely have to spend burn pieces (Rapid Fire, Quick Shot, Arcane Shot, etc.) against aggro to keep them at bay. Which is fine, because if you can survive the initial onslaught, you win anyway. It's no good to reserve the burn pieces for the combo if you don't even survive till then.

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Flare is specifically for the Mozaki and Secret Mages matchups to kill their Ice Block. Of course, it's nice against Paladin too since Tax and Secret Paly are popular right now.

This deck can get hard countered by Ooze and Stickyfinger, but even if they play those, it's not an auto-lose situation. You still have Thalnos to get explosive burn, and Thaurissan to get the discounts to achieve the win-condition. Thankfully the chance of Ooze/Stickyfinger coming in to ruin your day isn't too likely, since Kingsbane is not very popular right now. It's not unusual for Reno decks to tech these cards so still watch out (I've gotten my spell dmg weapon Oozed once and still won that game, this was in Platinum).

Secret package is intended to stabilise and control the early game, so it's really important to fish for the secrets that will balance the pressure or swing the game in your favour. Rinling's and Phase Stalker are awesome in this regard, since the former allows you to pick the appropriate secret for the situation, and Phase Stalker's deck thinning is extremely important. When you've accumulated many Secrets, playing Petting Zoo is a great way to secure the game against decks that don't have a strong answer to it. It is not a huge deal if they clear the 3/3s.

Pressure Plate is an amazing countermeasure against Mozaki and APM Mages, especially the former. Be careful about APM Mages though. In Platinum back when I wasn't running Flare, I faced an APM Mage against whom I took too long to get my combo off, and they had been dealing damage to my face using spells over many turns despite their SAs/Flamewakers being killed (flamewaker wasn't a significant factor). I "had lethal" (triggered their Ice Block), but lost the next turn. Also, if your RNG sucks, your Pressure Plate may hit an SA rather than Flamewaker. This had happened to me in one of the games where I was on the precipice of hitting Legend. 🙁

That's all I have to say about the deck itself. As mentioned above, if you're interested in seeing the recordings for each match I did in this Diamond run, feel free to access them below! If you made it this far, I appreciate your reading the post!


Recorded Matches

Note that for one of the matches, I lost the recording, and for two of the matches, the recording was corrupted and captured only the last moments. Also, matches #1-27 do not have sound. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwtzsEpzsKMTt5w4yCiPf5hAYEnry_g_X

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START: 1-star @ Diamond 10

1: Rope Warrior (win) — https://youtu.be/7jBHfeb-VAs

2: Control DH? (lose) — https://youtu.be/au9-0VUedxk

3: C'thun/Strength In Numbers Druid (win) — https://youtu.be/iQh-PMi9_50

4: Murloc Shaman (lose) — https://youtu.be/smVt41cgtpw

5: Murloc Shaman (win) — https://youtu.be/HX8jJ0Wtymk

6: Reno Dragon Paladin (win) — https://youtu.be/9ZepNYuw230

7: Even Shaman (win) — https://youtu.be/oGM28-aGWdU

8: Beast Hunter (win) — https://youtu.be/IOck3-4X3LM

9: ??? Paladin? (win) — https://youtu.be/Laq3BDaXUCs

10 Big Priest (win) — https://youtu.be/Tsc_LGqgUuw

11: Mecha'thun Warlock (lose) — https://youtu.be/ea8wKHpxLK0

12: Reno Galaxy Mage (win) — https://youtu.be/cFIj3NVKyx0

13: Reno Shaman (lose) — https://youtu.be/Jh4dteXnWpI

14: APM/Mozaki Mage (win) — https://youtu.be/4Q4M3LoKm3E

15: Elemental Shaman (win) — https://youtu.be/lV2xPFon-nQ

16: Kingsbane Rogue (win) — https://youtu.be/UApL2snzFic

17: Kingsbane Rogue (lose) — https://youtu.be/MdnNfjWb0t0

18: Secret Mage (lose) — https://youtu.be/kJccGGmz9WA

19: Murloc Shaman (win) — https://youtu.be/t4HpQ2mfkFA

20: Raza Priest (win) — https://youtu.be/vsldMI9GZM4

21: Reno Hunter (win)


22: Weapon Rogue (win) — https://youtu.be/Mf7wzfwyq6g

23: Secret Paladin (win) — https://youtu.be/_nhOiYFPa98

24: Tax Paladin (win) — https://youtu.be/4Pk-KYBR_qY

25: ??? Rogue? (win) — https://youtu.be/v5vkyXaxrms

26: Secret Mage (win) — https://youtu.be/UiNCxKgFaSE

27: Malygos Priest (win) — https://youtu.be/gvCMka0hRJQ

28: Spell Druid (win) — https://youtu.be/AP3ppSP489g

29: Reno? Secret Mage (win) — https://youtu.be/eP5WjuNmy-4

30: Pirate Warrior (lose) — https://youtu.be/42wEPFhplD0

31: Reno? Hunter (win) — https://youtu.be/QceLWAJ6v0A

32: Reno Shaman (win) — https://youtu.be/tCbZt1h6pWU

33: Even Mage (win) — https://youtu.be/iJO1qpbTpnw

34: Murloc Shaman (win) — https://youtu.be/Pq1rinXtYNU

35: Aggro Priest (lose) — https://youtu.be/Pq1rinXtYNU

36: Secret Mage (win) — https://youtu.be/s40EtK635Xw

37: Quest Rogue (lose) — https://youtu.be/tGdhRvrvWqY

38: Secret Mage (win) — https://youtu.be/6qG1VQwBFpo

39: Odd Paladin (win) — https://youtu.be/nb9JfdlKnNs

40: Secret Mage (win) — https://youtu.be/BO8lJajFfM4

41: APM Mage (lose) — https://youtu.be/1KM82UlJL_M

42: APM Mage (lose) — https://youtu.be/J8bY_6MTYNg

43: Reno DH (win) — https://youtu.be/IDwTh4MkHxA

44: Big Priest (win) — https://youtu.be/eYbsT6C0d-M

45: Control Priest? (win) — https://youtu.be/8YdjYCaazSM



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