Week 1 – The Woes of a Priest Player

I think we can all agree that Priest is…lacking this expansion. I was hesitant to make this post earlier but what with the meta settling down a bit and decks being established now is a better time than any.

Look I’ll be honest. I love Priest, love, love it, always liked the healing, control elements, and the obligatory turn 2 THE LIGHT SHALL BURN YOU onto the opponent’s face. But. Priest is not good right now. The class is in a really tough spot, and it hurts to type, but after 3/4 straight days of losses and frustrating concedes, I come for some much needed advice and discussion.

I’ll start with what archetypes I’ve been running, and detail my thoughts on them as we go…

Spell Priest/Miracle Priest (AKA Random bullshit go!):

So this deck is surprisingly the most successful for Priest (if you call a 46% win rate successful), and in theory it seems good, lots of spells, value and clears. All the things Priest loves doing. But as will be a theme for this post, there’s no real wincon, sure you can play loads of cards, but you can’t really do anything other than buff and hope for the best. It’s inconsistent and heavily reliant on drawing Sethekk, which can be too unreliable at times.

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So what else have we got…uhhhhh, I guess:

Control/C’Thun Priest:

This deck is the standard affair for Priest, looking to control the game and has a nice wincon with C’Thun. But STILL it just doesn’t come up to enough. It gets outvalued by warlocks and burnt by mages too much and too often. Wins are few and far between and are mainly only when facing aggro.

Heal Priest:

Hahahahahhahahahahahahah. Don’t be ridiculous.

Conclusions and Discussion:

So where do we stand in this early meta? Poorly would be an understatement. With only one (arguably) viable deck, and let’s be real the word viable is very generous here, Priest is not looking good. The idea of a control deck like ours is of course to outvalue, but since Tickatus exists that is ofc impossible. But what about against other decks I hear you cry? Well it’s not good news there either. Aggro decks still pummel us due to our lack of draw (although the matchup is favoured for us with healing and clears it is still hard). And decks like no minion mage are basically a game of solitaire for the mage when deck of lunacy hits the field.

I feel the main problem arises in Priests inability to really have any impact on the game, it’s a reactionary class by nature, but what good is reaction when you get 10 randomly generated fireballs to the face? Or watch the paladin outdraw you and get pen flingered in the face? The hard truth is there is very VERY little Priest can do rn.

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But that’s why I made this post in the first place! To get your guys opinions on the class too, I’m sure I’ve missed out a lot, and you’ll have to forgive me as it’s late over here lol. But I’d be really interested to see your thoughts and how you think Priest will do moving forwards. Heck if you have some decklists that are doing well for you I’d love to hear em! 🙂

So lay down a hearty WOW. Gleefully play a Holy Nova against that Token Druid, and insta concede against control warlock, let’s discuss all things Priest 😀


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