What I learned by climbing from Diamond 5 to Top 50 Legend.

Hello everyone!

Recently I reached 47 Legend with a homemade Handbuff Warrior. I made a

earlier in the month in you want to see it.

Today I wanted to come back on different aspects of the climb and what I gained as an exclusively Wild player. I will explain it in 3 parts:

  • How to create a viable deck
  • Knowing what to excpect from the meta
  • Not tilting

I say it now I will likely repeat it in the text.
This is MY experience, it might not have been the same for many or will not be, so please don't start and go "your advice are sh*t gtfo", please.

I'm just sharing so it can help others!

Btw sorry for the errors that could have slided in.

OK so let's go!


If you know my content, you know that I've always been a memer from the bottom of my heart. But sometimes I try to build viable decks and to understand how different synergies work togheter.Sooo let's start with that:

  • Draw= good

If you play Wild you may have notice it, every good deck has a tremendous amount of draw.Decks like Darkglare and Disco Warlock, APM and Secret Mage, Handbuff and Aggro Paladin tend to have burst-draw cards but most importantly in a very CONSISTENT way.

So start with that, try to find cards that can let you draw a lot or that can put stuff from your deck into play (Scientist, Patches…).

Draw has great synergy with, well… draw. It usually comes in "package" that can be transplanted in other archetypes: Kobold + Malcheza's Imp + Hand of Guldan / Refreshing Spring Water + A.I+ Research Project or Arcanologist + Scientist + Fair Games / Knight of Anointement + Salet's Pride+ Ada l+ Crysto are draw packages frequently used in different versions of the previous decks.

So how to identify these so called good packages?

  • Identifying a good package

I will use the Handbuff Warrior list I've talk about previously as an example. As I said in the vid, I wanted to make a mix between Bodybuilder's Handbuff Paladin and some kind of Tempo Warrior.

Tempo Warrior was a good archetype back in the day. It evolved into differnt variation (Galakron, Partons) but excet Pirate Warrior, the aggro/midrange was gone from the class.

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So what works in Pirate Warrior? The early pirate makes everything. Getting Patches early can get you good board presence, Ancharr is still stupidly powerfull even after its nerf etc…

I identify the good packages that makes the decks work:

  1. Draw ( Adal + Knight + Shalet + Crysto) in Hand Buff
  2. Burst (Handbuff cards with Conviction + charges) in Hand Buff
  3. Recovery (Crab Rider, Samuro) in Hand Buff
  4. Pressure and board stability ( Patches, Sword Eater, Rokara) Pwar
  5. Sustainability (Sky Raider, Ancharr) Pwar

Now I try to mix it in Warrior. I search for the draw engin that we have: Conditionnning, Town Crier and Battle rage seem to have similarities with the cards in Hand Buff and the pirate package from Pwar is good for early board. I have now:

2x (Skyraider, Southsea, Sword eater, town crier, crab rider, stage dive, conditionning) + Ancharr, Patches, Samuro, Runthak (to have enough rush), Rokara… That's already 19 cards!

Then I need to find the specific Warrior card to get some inside combo, exemple:

Enrage combo really well with Crab Rider, Battle rage and Samuro! I want a bit more burst, what about Korkron etc…Imo that's how you should build a viable deck: Searching what are the solid packages that can support your deck and then build around them.

(Cute combo like Finley+Wizzard are good but you won't put it into every deck)

Now that I have the deck I need to keep in mind: it's ok to maybe cut a card, even if I like it (Challenger in the first list) if it doesn't perform well in the current meta I'm in.

This leads me to the second part.

Knowing what to excpect from the meta

Knowing what is happening about there is important if you want to climb! For example, don't play Even Warlock if you know you are only facing Secret mages at your rank…

Pëople usually tell me " I don't care about nerfing Darglare, I'm only seeing Reno Priest" (for example again). Yes, the meta shifts when you climb so you need to have cards that answer THE MAJORITY of your rank experience in order to climb.

When I started building the deck, I only saw Murlocs Shamans, Secret Mages and Aggro Paladin so I knew I wanted a board centric deck (personnal preference) that could really counter other board centric decks, thus the rush package and the handbuff stuff…

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I started playing and it worked! The theory was behind me helping me climb! Then boom legend yeah! Iwas able to asses what where the good and the bad matchups for the deck (which I will explain in more details in a video soon) but also what was MY play pattern.

Every deck plays +/- differently to another one, even if they do the same job. Example (Big Priest, Big Shaman).

I continued climbing in Legend then I started facing a lot of Reno Warlock. They are annoying for me because if they play a big taunt too early, I can't do much against it.

What to do? Maybe you change the challenger for a Bloodsworn Mercenary to get some cheaky combo earlier and deal more damage, or maybe you switch deck! Adapting is important.

You have to know, poeple don't all play Tier 1 meta deck from 1000 to 500 . You will still see a Big Priest somewhere, maybe even some Beast Hunter, but not 80% Darkglare + APM Mage+ Reno Priest (like it is in Top 50). This means you still have some liberty to change your deck around and find what work and what doesn't, but also too see what are the decks that are starting to get really popular the higher you climb (Reno Priest for example).

  • Having a tracker is actually good

I've never been a big fan of using a deck tracker, but when I tried to climb this month, I installed it and it was quite usefull. With a brand new deck like this one, having your list and even your opponent's on your screen can maybe win you a game per 10 (totally approximative value).

It's also a double-edge sword because if you keep loosing, seeing you WR droping and these red LOSS pilling onto each other can be quite frustrating… It's up to you if you can deal with the tilt or not.

This leads me then to my third part


There will always be a moment where you are gonna get into a loosestreak.

It's always frustrating because even if you do everything good, it's a card game and you can still get scamazed.

So, how to avoid tilting?

  • Pause after each game
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So for your next game maybe rememebering a play could give you the win!

  • Take breaks

Taking a pause every hour or two is necessary if you want to do a good climb (for the majority at least).

Even for your body, don't stay always in front of the game (b-but Mom I'm not addicted).

Go out (for a walk if you can), a healthy mind come with a healthy body.

Usually if you encounter your first loose streak after assessing all the prior parts of this text, it's gonna be way after 10 games I would say.

Take a step back and look at what you understood about the game, how much rank you gained etc…

  • For content creators

I (sometimes) do Youtube video, mostly memes but actually revisiting my games and doing content for this made me realise everything I'm writing today and it's a really good way to not tilt, because you take a HUGE step back doing this.

I started streaming too I have to say after playing 3h in a row, being able to communicate with people in chat kept my mind off the possible titlt-generating-decks like the famous Turn 4 kill of APM Mage.


It's possible to climb with homebrew! Different methods exist, just wanted to highlight what worked for me so maybe it can work for other people.

Have a great day and seeya next meme!


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