What is the general consensus on buffing unpopular Wild cards?

I'm curious regarding what the average player thinks about the idea of buffing old and unpoplar Wild cards.

During Dean's most recent Q&A he stated the following:

– In Wild, not all cards should have a similar power level.
– In order for buffs on Wild cards to have an impact, they would have to be buffed to extreme power levels.
– Wild is meant to be a look into Hearthstone's history.

Let's break this down:

"In Wild, not all cards should have a similar power level."

First of all, I'll mention that I largely agree with this statement. After all, in a game like Hearthstone, with so many variables, it's a very hard feat to accomplish.

However, anyone that has an adequate amount of experience in Wild can confirm that the overall power level between cards is way too polarized.

Some cards are too powerful and players have been asking to nerf them for years. (Flamewaker, Sorcerer's Apprentice, etc.)

In addition, some cards will probably never see the light of day again in their current state. (Eadric the Pure, Varian Wrynn, Shatter, etc.)

The cards don't necessarily need to have an equal power level, but the developers should at least strive to lessen the gap.

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"In order for buffs on Wild cards to have an impact, they would have to be buffed to extreme power levels."

IMO, this argument is only valid if you're actively trying to make them be included in Tier 1 decks specifically. The cards don't necessarily have to break the meta in order to see more play.

Theoretically, most buffs could simply be centered around reducing a card's cost in order to make it more fair regarding their stats and effect. The fundamental design of card would remain unchanged.

Some examples:

Eadric the Pure: 7 mana —-> 5 mana
Varian Wrynn: 10 mana –> 7 mana
Shatter: 2 mana —-> 0 mana
Archbishop Benedictus: 7 mana —-> 5 mana

"Wild is meant to be a look into Hearthstone's history."

In all honesty, isn't the fact that a card actually still sees play a much more effective (and fun) way to look into Hearthstone's history?

In addition, some of the cards that deserve a buff are ones that never even saw that much play back when they were in Standard.

A few more notes:

A certain percentage of the Wild playerbase live by the philosophy that Wild should be Wild and I generally agree that the power level of an eternal format should be (substantially) higher than that of a rotating format.

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It is therefore that I strongly want to emphasize that the proposal here is to buff weak and unpopular cards rather than nerfing the strong ones. It wouldn't drop the ceiling so to speak, but rather raise the floor and potentially create a much more diverse experience. After all, that is what makes card games fun in the first place.

In addition, buffing unpoplar Wild cards will also be relevant for Duels, which is a recent addition to the game, so there's reason for that as well.

Finally, as opposed to something like Magic: the Gathering, all of this is actually possible because Hearthstone is a digital card game rather than a physical one.


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