What other mechanics mimicking classic wow leveling will Hearthstone have this year?

With Forged in the Barrens Hearthstone was given mechanics that reflect the leveling experience in Classic/Vanilla WoW: choosing your races and class, fighting mobs, leveling areas (Barrens), competing quests (Mankrik?, achievements and Pass), spell schools and rank up spells.

I believe that, as time passes this year of the gryphon (the flight paths animal by the way) and more expansions and mini-expansiond are added, we may get more element reminiscent of the classic wow leveling experience.

What follows is my personal speculation/wishlist of those:

Phase 1 – Forged in the Barrens (to this day) What was said above.

Phase 2 – Wailing Caverns (1st mini-set) Dungeons, the classic instanced leveling areas. Parties, groups of 5 to survive or blame the wipe on.

Phase 3 – Hillsbrad Foothills (2nd expansion) The experience of leveling up in a dangerous contested area. It may also include Alterac Mountains. Professions and trading, another fundamental aspect of the WoW journey. FAP (Free Action Potion) World PvP. Tarren Mill vs Southshore.

Phase 4 – Scarlet Monastery (2nd mini-set) The mother of all dungeons, the best leveling spot and gearing goldmine. The true test of dungeon runs, with 4 wings to boot. Whitemane's Chapeau. LFM SPELLCLEAVE SM CATHEDRAL

Phase 5 – Alterac Valley (3rd expansion) We are getting close to level 60 now, so time to own and get owned in the cruelest of battlegrounds. PvP. At this point, we unlock the PvP mode in Mercenaries mode. Mounts, trinkets. Vandar Stormpike and Drek'Thar. Someone complaining about it being Alliance favoured, specially the bridge. Spawncamping the graveyard. Grand Marshal, High Warlord. DING, level 60, gz.

Read more:  Can we come up with a codeword to tell each other that we just want to do the achievement? For example, emote thank you at the beginning of match, and our minions never hit their face. In return, we will them a win by the end after (partly/fully) finish the achievement for their support.

Well, we have done everything right? Fully leveled, full gear- WRONG.

The grand quest: The Missing Diplomat (They retconned blood elves and draenei contemporary to Varian's absence for a reason).

Phase 6 – RAIDING Onyxia's Lair Ahn'qiraj World Bosses (Blackrock Mountain and Naxx already have their own adventures) The auction house. Ninja looting Wipes after wipes after wipes. Dispelling world buffs. Dots, more dots, more dots. Thunderaan and Atiesh.


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