When to Trade: A High Legend Player Perspective

Content of the article: "When to Trade: A High Legend Player Perspective"

Hey Everyone! I am Rarran! I am a consistent top 500 legend player and wanted to give advice on a topic a lot of people ask me of, when to trade or when to go face!

I did a video on this if you prefer to watch it.

The way I decide on when to trade or go face is based on 3 questions.

  • What’s my decks role?
  • What’s the match up?
  • How do I get punished for going face or trading?

Whats my decks role? This is a great question to ask when you queue into a game. Your decks role is often the following options: aggressor, control, etc… Knowing your decks role gives you a better idea on how your general win condition. For example, if I am face hunter, my win condition is to be the aggressor and kill my opponent before they can stabilize.

Whats the matchup? This is how your deck is supposed to play in the current match up. This can be different across every deck in the format but the most common examples I found are: Win by keeping board, push all damage face, clear board until they run out of threats, combo my opponent, etc.

This is another great thing to do at the start of a game to help make the micro decisions during the individual turns. Your match up heavily decides whether or not you’re trading or going face.

An example is tempo demon hunter. Tempo demon hunter against bomb warrior is often pushing as much damage as possible and not trading, but tempo DH against weapon rogue is more about keeping board and getting continuous damage from your minions.

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How do I get punished? This is where your deck knowledge and the match up knowledge comes in. Knowing your opponents cards is a great benefit to this and that generally comes from playing the game.

When deciding when to trade or go face, ask yourself what do I have to play around and is that risk worse than pushing this damage face. Again this comes done to your role as well, if you’re a control deck, pushing face damage isn’t as necessary compared to if you’re playing an aggro deck. There is a lot of examples I use to explain this concept more.

I hope this post helps! Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll answer them!


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