Who is Tamsin Roame’s mysterious benefactor? A theory

At her benefactor’s urging, Tamsin has journeyed to the Barrens to seek items of power – power she can use to get her revenge at last… -Meet the Mercenaries blog post, April 6th

Tamsin Roame seems to be at the heart of the year of the Gryphon's story. She's implicated to have a direct connection to Kurtrus Ashfallen and is the sister of Cariel. But who is motivating her toward her sinister goals? The passage italicized above confirms that she's working for someone, likely a Hearthstone character we already know. In this post, I'll establish a few known and implied facts about this sinister patron and make my guess as to who it is.

First things first: It's a female character. During one of Rokara's Book of Mercenaries encounters, choosing Tamsin as the hero power will trigger some dialogue where she explicitly refers to her benefactor using female pronouns ("A patron encouraged me to seek my fortune here. She sees a bright future in me."), so it's definitely not possible antagonist-of-the-year Kazakus. (That also wouldn't make any sense since Rokara's party meets Kazakus for the first time during her Book of Heroes missions, with the exception of Varden Dawngrasp, who is confirmed to at least know of Kazakus from the latter's visit to Silvermoon.)

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We can probably also assume it's a Hearthstone original character, too, given how many original characters this story entails. (Off the top of my head, the only WoW-originating character in the Mercs' storyline so far is Garrosh.) Characters that take more of a supporting or subservient role are also unlikely, though it's not impossible for them to break out into a starring role. (Looking at you, Dr. Boom.)

Additionally, I don't anticipate them reusing characters explored within the last few years. (In other words, I don't expect any returning characters from the Leagues of Explorers or EVIL this year.) This rules out… most legendaries, but leaves a few interesting candidates yet, the most notable of which is Countess Ashmore.

Remember Ashmore? That mysterious 7-drop from the Witchwood that really seemed like she was being set up as a big important character and then didn't appear at all in Monster Hunts? It's very likely that she's the one funding Tamsin's expeditions. While there's not a lot to go off, she does fit the bill. Mysterious, wealthy, magical, moderately sinister female character that has never been explored in any Hearthstone media, leaving just enough elbow room to shoehorn her in as a major player in the Year of the Gryphon. And to top it all off, she's secretly a blue dragon. What does that have to do with anything? Look no further than Bru'kan's entry in the Meet the Mercenaries blog post:

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Outside his hut one evening, Bru'kan looked to the heavens and witnessed the Night of Falling Stars. Glowing fragments of Light fell across the Barrens. His ear hairs stood on end: This was a sign. He reached out with his mind and cast Far Sight, hoping to divine the future: He saw two dragons twisted together; he saw light and darkness merged, and ringed around it all he saw the arched symbol of the Horde triumphant. For the first time in many years, hope blazed within him.

Two dragons, huh? How about that. It's been heavily implied that Kazakus is a dragon through his flavor text and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan promotional materials. If my theory is correct, Kazakus and Ashmore are the two dragons in Bru'kan's vision and will be key players this year, perhaps clashing in the final expansion of the year.

Or I could be completely wrong and it's Sherazin, Corpse Flower or something like that idk


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