Why I think Tickatus is too restrictive for deck designing (and needs a rework eventually)


I've been playing Hearthstone since Beta and every now and then a card comes along the way that makes you blink and wonder why the hell this IS a card.

This isn't about the powerlevel of Tickatus – we all know that Tickatus decks (of course) CAN be beat. This is about what Tickatus DOES.

This one card prevents countless other decks from existing, which is a damn shame.

This card alone prevents ALL other classes from control decks. Because Tickatus, especially paired with Jaraxxus, will guarantee a win. If you want to play a control style deck at the moment, you either need to play Warlock yourself or face the fact that, when facing a Tickatus deck, you can concede to it instead of wasting the time.

One of the problems control decks face is that they need to put in a lot of endgame value while also having the tools to survive the game. And Blizzard actually released ONE card that ensures control decks WOULD be viable in the form of C'thun.

If Tickatus would not be in the game, you -could- actually build a control deck with a lot of classes because of C'thun. Warriors, Priests, Paladins, even Shamans – all have tools that enable them to get lategame in one way or another.

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But none of them can ever hope of pulling off a C'thun, because when you're playing the slow game, at least ten cards of your deck WILL be lost to Tickatus – with NO way to prevent this loss. You need a nigh miracle to dodge a burn on any C'thun cards – and even if you do, if you have an opponent that is only somewhat smart, he can keep a Tickatus in the backhand to ensure the only way you could play C'thun is by shuffling and drawing it in the same turn.

Funnily enough, Warlock itself is the LEAST affected by a Tickatus burn because of the high number of Soul Fragments that will be shuffled into their deck.

Warlock does a lot of card drawing, which always enabled other control decks to play the long game. Yes, the value of Jaraxxus always was an issue, but it was manageable. But now Warlock evens out their own weakness by milling their opponent's deck.

It doesn't stop at control decks, though.

Midrange decks are affected by the same problems as well. The current tools enable Warlock to survive and deal with threats that come from midrange.

Combo decks need to draw tons of cards and the probability to lose combo pieces is too high for most combo decks to bother playing them.

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You don't like to play aggro decks?

You're stuck with Warlock.

You don't like Warlock?

Sucks to be you.

One of the decks I loved the most this expansion is playing my control Warrior. I beat up Lunacy mages despite casting Clefthoofs on me three times, managed great against aggro opponents, struggled with Paladin – and never beat a Tickatus deck. Not once. Not even the one time I got my C'thun off because I didn't have the tools to get the Jaraxxus minions out of the way to deal enough face damage (still my best try).

I fiddled with Priest decks for a few moments before ditching them, because, see above.

I don't even TRY to make other slower decks work. Because the inevitability of failing kills my "experiment" mood.

This in turn, makes me play less constructed. I always want to have a deck that has a fighting chance against pretty much everything that is out there, but I don't like to play an aggro game.

Thankfully Hearthstone HAS other enjoyable game modes at the moment, but I still think it's a damn shame. So I'm waiting for change.

The change could be either to Tickatus, so that it removes five cards from both decks (still gives Warlock an edge because of the soul fragments), so Warlock would need to wait for its own key cards (Jaraxxus, Y‘Shaarj) before playing it or to Y‘Shaarj that could give you random corrupted cards instead (though that beings the danger of running into Tickatus in other matchups).

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What do you think?


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