Why Netdecking and just briefly lookig at stats to improve doesn´t win you every game

Content of the article: "Why Netdecking and just briefly lookig at stats to improve doesn´t win you every game"

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We have a new patch, shaman and rogue are nerfed, so I assume most of us want to grind ladder more again ;), which made me think of the old "what to play, where to get decks from?" question and why this is a complicated question to answer. The tricky part is that to keep this short, different ranks have different metagames, making other decks good and bad, different tech cards powerful and weak. Also very relevant if you need to learn a new deck, which takes time, you might lose a lot at first, and especially this gets forgotten a lot. (Rank 1 Legend deck, which you have 0 experience with might not be the best for short term climbing).

2nd point I want to shortly TLDR. (talking more and long about this in the video linked below, I prefer recording a quick video and talking over writing an essay, to be honest) looking at winrates of cards is great, but you have to remember there will always be a 29th/30th best card in your deck. Replacing that one might not make the deck better, and cards like brawl/living mana/yogg/"cards meant to save you from bad situations after your initial gameplan failed" will always be very low winrate cards. They are meant to save the bad games sometimes but can't always do that and aren't needed in the games your deck wins anyway.

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For more details on this stuff, I did record a more extended version here


Also, I am pleased to talk/discuss this in comments here/youtube/twitch or wherever, because I feel like these are some of the biggest misconceptions/traps we have in the game that might stop people from climbing and improving their gameplay.

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Viper, worlds runner up 2019, yes the rafaam guy 😉

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