Wild Murloc Quest Shaman, a Hidden Gem

Yes you read that correctly, your eyes are not deceiving you, I am crazy enough to use the MURLOC quest in shaman. Not only that, I'm crazy enough to have the entire deck in golden, and also crazy enough to be writing this about the deck.

Firstly here are proof things: https://imgur.com/a/xip9reS (deck code at the bottom)

Alright now to the meat of it. This deck is by far the highest winrate deck I have played in a long time, to put that in perspective I was playing Darkest Hour warlock (before the nerf) and Kaelthas Mech'thun warlock (also before the nerf) and neither of them hit the 78% winrate that this deck did.

One reason this deck is so good is because of the matchup rates, I was favored in every single matchup, only mage came close at 12-9 in my favor (demon hunter went 1-1 but that sample size is too small). Having a deck whose worst matchup is still positive in it's favor is insanely strong. Especially when mage is one of the most played decks in wild.

And that brings up the next point, the other class that people love to play in wild is paladin, a deck that my murloc deck went 12-1 against in my climb to legend. Facing odd pally you can easily control their board and get ahead that way, the same is true for disrupt pally, if you control the board (ignore the watchposts) and focus everything on killing their minions they will run out of steam and concede once you kill the 8-9 minions that deck runs.

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Now I'm going to talk about the quest itself. At first it seems like a really weird inclusion, and it kind of is weird to be honest. In some matchups you do not want the quest, the new OTK mage that has been running around will destroy you if you keep the quest, once I realized this I started mulling the quest versus all mages, after doing this I went 6-1 against mages (not the most stats but I'm working with what I got).

BUT the upsides of the quest outweigh the downsides, the quest allows you to shift from an aggressive deck to a midrange deck, this allows you to easily outvalue other aggro decks, and sometimes even when you play the quest you will kill the opponent before it activates. I don't know exactly how many games the quest won for me but I do know that almost every single paladin game was won because of it, and I won the mirror versus any murloc shamans I was facing. The quest gives you a second wave of value/burst after your first wave gets wiped.

The deck itself is fairly easy to play, mull quest vs mages. Mull for 2 mana murlocs to play following up the quest. Mull for Flurgl/toxfin vs priests. ALWAYS keep Murmy, Spawnpool Forager, Flurgl, or Crabrider.


Some notable lines of play:

  • (7 mana) Play Scargill (4), followed by Megafin (1), and then followed by two of the generated murlocs (2), this line of play came up so frequently on turn 7, especially after a wipe, and it demands an answer, and even if the opponent has an answer you can often reload because your hand is full of murlocs
  • If you have a Lushwater Scout in play you can play a Finja, immediately attack and then swing with the 2 murlocs that she pulls, this is an amazing answer against agro decks if you get a Scout to stick
  • Firemancer Flurgl + Toxfin… not much else to say here, other than that this combo will immediately shut down that new disrupt paladin, they have no way to clear the Flurgl without using a Crabrider AND a buff spell, even if they do have both of those the clear from Flurgl is usually enough to win the game



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