[Wild] rank 1 legend Odd Warrior guide

Proof https://imgur.com/gallery/KsD3KpK

Disclaimer – deck is not good if you’re facing a lot of priest or greedy decks in general.

Deck list – AAEBAQcIhReCrQKe+AKe+wKggAOIsQP5wgOT0AMLS6IE+Af/B7nDAsrnArP8AtmtA7i5A/bCA4rQAwA=

Stats – played on mobile so I don’t have exact numbers. What I can tell you is that I played all day yesterday and beat every single secret mage and lost to 1 darkglare(terrible draw).

Why you should play the deck – right now secret mage is terrorizing the meta and is the deck to beat. Another very powerful tier 1 deck is darkglare. With odd warrior, both of these matchups are easily winnable which makes it a very strong pick. Also it’s clear that the devs aren’t going to balance wild anytime soon, so if we can push those two decks out of the meta, then we could make wild a more enjoyable place for everyone.

Tech choices Sticky finger – i personally don’t think this is a very good tech choice(even though I run it). Only use it when you see a lot of kingsbane/bomb warrior/weapon heavy decks.

Deathlord – will help a lot against Reno priest/combo decks. Big body gives time to build armor and disruption wins you fatigue. Solid tech choice.

Other value cards – Dr.boom, Elysiana, azalina etc. these cards are very bad right now. They were bad in general and will be bad forever(don’t quote me on this) it’s way better to win all of your good matchups as ladder is filled with your good matchups anyway.


Secret mage – odd warrior is the best counter to secret mage and is the biggest reason why you should be playing the deck right now. Your goal in this matchup is to survive and press the button as much as possible. For a general rule of thumb, always HP and chill if the opponents board has 5 or less damage on board. You need to save your cards and test secrets very carefully in this matchup. Sometimes you can leave the board alone when they have 6-7 attack on board, but do this only if you have a good reason to and only if you know for sure that you can stabilize later.

Mulligan – brawl, reckless flurry, eternium rover, sword and board

This sounds crazy but sometimes you have to hard mulligan for your mass removals in this matchup. This is because mages now have insane board building power called occult conjurer. You must be very patient with the board clears and only clear when they have 3-4 or more minions on board. If they play occult conjurer by itself than play bladestorm and you can use your single target removal for the other threats. If you can get rid of a big minion to make the board 5 or less attack, then do that and save the board clear. Remember this – if you can’t clear the board then you lose the game. Use your removal sparingly and use your single target removals on minions with 4 or more attack(in general). You get a lot of armor but secret mage minions can snowball very easily.

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Testing secrets – The scariest secret in their deck is counterspell and always check for it before a massive board clear. Mages now run 2 in their deck which makes this more tricky. If they have 1 secret and a big board board, check it. Cards like iron hide and sword and board are excellent at this and will still reward you if it isn’t a counterspell.

Explosive ruins – this one is tricky because although it’s a good spell, odd warrior can actually turn it against them and that is because of lord barov. This means that sometimes, you don’t pop a secret(by playigg by a minion) if you have lord barov in your hand as you can get a free boardclear once they have enough minions. Generally, if they have 2 secrets and a board then one of them is usually ruins. It’s more risky if they only have 1 as it could be a counterspell, but sometimes you gotta take risks when you’re falling behind.

I will stress this again always Always ALWAYS hero power when you can(besides boardclear turns oc) if you have shield block on 3 then DONT use it and hero power instead. Pair the shield block with HP on 5. “Cards are expendable but HP is forever” this means that it’s okay to float mana and you should do it. Again use your resources/removal only if the board has 5 or more attack and be very patient. Trust me, I beat every single secret mage from rank 30~ to 1. Every single one of them.

Darkglare – Your goal in this matchup is to survive turns 5-7. After that it’s almost guaranteed gg.

Mulligan – hard mulligan for(brawl, reckless flurry, lord barov- you need at least 1 board clear and any one of those 3 is okay), “always keep bulwark and barov but don’t mulligan good cards away for them”, eternium rover, coerce/shield slam, and ravaging ghoul are okay keeps but you always need at least 1 Board clear by turn 4.

Pre power turn (turns 1-4”before they pop off with darkglare and giants”) This is the matchup where you have to set yourself up to survive turns 5-7. This means don’t mindlessly HP every turn. This also means play iron hide on 1 if that’s your best play. You need to play all your cards(including “but not always” the coin) before turn 5 to maximize your health and board to survive those turns and stabilize with a board clear from there. Then you win. Always assume they will play loatheb on turns 5-6. They will literally hard mulligan for loatheb when they see that you’re playing warrior. You want to clear the small minions, play all your minions you’re set.

Survival turns (Turns 5-7). sometimes they play darkglare on 4, pop off and don’t play any giants. This is because they want to play 2-3 giants and loatheb on 5. If you have 2 boardclears then use one on the weak board(don’t use reckless unless you have bulwark). If you only have one, then use your cheap spells and minions to clear as much as possible.if you have enough health and have set up enough minions, you will almost always survive turn 5, even if they have loatheb. Look, the nerfs to darkglare made it so that it’s extremely difficult for players to play darkglare, small minions, loatheb and giants on the same turn. This is why they will generally split this process over two turns. If they pop off on 3 then You survive a turn and play your removal. If you’re going second then coin that sucker out. If they combo you on 2 then well… you got highrolled and there is little you can do in that scenario. If you have enough armor then you could reckless or get a lucky barov and that’s about it. Don’t be afraid to bulwark. Bulwark buys you a turn and that is all you need. The best counter to a turn 5 loatheb is to bulwark and hero power.

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Post power turn (8-10)- be aware of cards like raise dead and burst cards like leeroy, soul fire, power overwhelming. You need to clear the giants as leaving 1 or 2 big minions result in guaranteed death. Luckily there won’t be many threats you’ll have to deal with after the power turns.

Extra – sometimes pro players will try to play 1(or 2) giants at a time. This gets a little tricky because single target spells will be crucial in this case. Rule of thumb – play your board clears when they have 4(or even 3 minions) at a time. Save your removal for giants and the loatheb turns will be more bearable. DM me if you want more info in this scenario.

Small tips – ravaging ghoul + barov are good clears for loatheb on 6(5 if you’re going first) also if you play quartermaster then you could hit a lackey that can pop the barov without having to worry about loatheb. You got to do that if that’s your best option. (Sometimes, you got to risk it). This means to save your lackey/ghoul if you have barov in your hand. Another tip is that you can minimize the damage on board if you have a shield slam in hand(with enough armor). This only applies if they loatheb you on 5 while you are going first. Always be aware of their reach(power overwhelming, soul fire and leeroy) and always use your resources efficiently. The only real way you lose is loatheb so always play around that card and always assume that they have it.

Odd Paladin – look. If they get loraxion early then you probably lose. If that’s not the case then the matchup is very similar to secret mage except for the fact that you only have to play around “counterspell”

Mulligan – eternium rover, sword and board, bladestorm, brawl/reckless flurry, ravaging ghoul, and barov.

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You can leave recruits on board as long as you prevent them from quartermastering on turn 5(4 with coin). Try to be greedy and use your HP a lot. If they have the quest then it’s probably wise to clear early. Keep your hand full and let them get max value out of divine favor. Make them overextend and mill them with brann + coldlight in the late game.

Kingsbane – this is similar to secret mage. Hard mulligan for sticky finger and keep hero powering to stay alive before you ruin their day. You shouldn’t hero power if clearing the Board will ensure that you stay alive throughout the game.

Discard warlock/pirate warrior/odd rogue- basically just secret mage except you don’t play around secrets.

Bad matchups

Big priest – you lose. Sorry. Better to just concede right away.

Reno priest – you can rarely outarmor them(always HP, including on turn 1 with coin) but the most reliable way of beating them is to mill the good cards(penflinger, spawn, raza, seance, anduin) milling even one of these cards will greatly increase your chances of winning so hard mulligan brann + coldlight. But in general, you’ll lose.

Renolock – you have to mill their tickatus. No other way of winning this matchup. Hard mulligan for brann + coldlight and hope for the best. You don’t have to HP every turn. Just play the most efficient cards possible.(in general still, pair cards like shield block with hp on 5)

Concluding thoughts – I believe that odd warrior is viable because ladder is filled with aggro which are all good matchups for this deck. Being able to beat secret mage 100% of the time will probably get you to legend by itself ngl. In the bigger picture, if we can push secret mage and darkglare out of the meta and change its play rate from overwhelming to “balanced” then fun decks(like pocket galaxy mage) will be more viable which will make wild more fun and enjoyable for all of us. Thank you for reading and Happy laddering!

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