Wild Weekly Challenge #97: “Truly Inspirational”

Content of the article: "Wild Weekly Challenge #97: “Truly Inspirational”"

Hey r/wildhearthstone and welcome back to another week of Wild Weekly Challenges! As always, be sure to message me if you have questions about points, or want to suggest a challenge in the future!

”What are weekly challenges?”

Weekly Challenges are special deck building constraints designed to spice up the way that you play Hearthstone. Have you ever built a deck entirely out of “purple” minions, void of any synergies whatsoever? Have you ever played with a Keleseth Genn Reno Druid at the Rank 5 floor? These crazy deck examples and more are things you might expect to play with in a Weekly Challenge!

”How can I participate?”

You can participate by reading the challenge pinned to the top of the subreddit each week, and by documenting your victories through HSReplay.net and Imgur. Make sure to screenshot and/or record your victories in order to receive full credit for points! You will have a week to post your victories before the next post goes up on Saturday.

”How can I gain points?”

Points are received by completing challenges and providing proof of your victories through HSReplay or Imgur. Points will be added to a user’s flair at the end of each challenge (usually a week after it is posted), and are awarded as follows:

  • 1 Point is given to anyone that successfully completes the challenge.

  • 2 Points are given to anyone that completes the challenge at Bronze or Silver Rank (or has equal stars from a previous season).

  • 3 Points are given to anyone that completes the challenge at Gold or Platinum Rank (or has equal stars from a previous season).

  • 4 Points are given to anyone that completes the challenge at Diamond or Legend Rank (or has equal stars from a previous season).

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Point Tiers:

  • 5 Points: “Lowly Squire”
  • 10 Points: “Sparring Partner”
  • 15 Points: “Argent Horserider”
  • 20 Points: “Savage Combatant”
  • 25 Points: “Nexus Champion”
  • 30 Points: “Master Summoner”
  • 35 Points: “Sky Cap’n”
  • 40 Points: “Firelord”
  • 45 Points: “Ancient One”
  • 50 Points: “Hope’s End”
  • 70 Points: Title of your choice

Challenge of the Week:

”Truly Inspirational:”

Win 3 games where you use your Hero Power 10 or more times. To make things more interesting, you may not play Genn or Baku. For a bonus point, include 12 or more Inspire keyword cards.

This challenge must be completed before this post is 1 week old. Any comments posted after the challenge has ended will not receive any points.


If you have any suggestions for future challenges, or rewards for points, please message them to me or send them in the Mod Mail!

Reminder: Changing your flair in the side bar of the subreddit will override the current points that you have for challenges! Please try not to change your flair without messaging me beforehand so that I can keep track of your points.

Last Week’s Challenge

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