winrate data for free new and returning player decks – updated

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winrate data is bronze to gold / diamond to legend.

paladin – 60.7% over 7700 games / 49.1% over 740 games

warrior – 57.9% over 4000 games / 47.5% over 830 games

hunter – 57.8% over 20000 games / 45.4% over 3900 games

mage – 56.6% over 28000 games / 45.1% over 4700 games

shaman – 56.4% over 1700 games / 39.4% over 260 games

druid – 56.1% over 7800 games / 41.0% over 530 games

warlock – 55.9% over 5500 games / 43.6% over 600 games

rogue – 55.6% over 6300 games / 42.5% over 340 games

priest – 54.1% over 7000 games / 48.7% over 6300 games

let's compare some optimized lists' power level and upgrade cost.
all data is diamond to legend since the latest patch.

libram paladin
57.7% winrate over 19000 games
upgrade cost: 5180 dust

highlander hunter
57.0% winrate over 2600 games
upgrade cost: 9820 dust + 2100 gold (rotnest drake can only be obtained by purchasing the first 3 wings of galakrond's awakening)

galakrond rogue
54.1% winrate over 2800 games
upgrade cost: 8880 dust

pirate warrior
54.7% winrate over 2400 games
upgrade cost: 2960 dust

now let's look at crafting costs for some other proven competitive decks that aren't based on any of the free new and returning players decks.
all data is diamond to legend since the latest patch.

aggro demon hunter – 1120 dust
55.2% winrate over 6600 games

face hunter – 1520 dust
55.3% winrate over 5400 games

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stealth rogue – 2440 dust
53.9% winrate over 29000 games

soul demon hunter – 4200 dust
55.9% winrate over 3000 games

zoo warlock – 4820 dust
55.2% winrate over 10000 games

guardian druid – 3800 dust
53.5% winrate over 1400 games

guardian druid – 5420 dust
55.3% winrate over 1500 games

crafting any of these decks from scratch is comparable dust cost or significantly cheaper than upgrading any of the free decks to something equally competitive.

i'm sure as the question of which deck to pick is repeatedly asked over the coming months many players will continue to insist that you should pick hunter because zephrys and dragonqueen alexstraza can be included in highlander decks for other classes but when upgrading highlander hunter alone costs 9820 dust (+2100 gold) and optimized highlander priest/mage decks cost over 16000 dust (minus zephrys and dragonqueen that is still 12800 dust) it's not an affordable option for a f2p player especially when there are so many cheaper competitive decks.
as f2p you should only consider picking the highlander hunter deck if you will enjoy making/playing highlander homebrews for other classes even if they can't climb in ranked.

so which deck should you pick?
if your priority is climbing in ranked paladin is the only reasonable answer.

if you want more deck variety as a new f2p player i recommend crafting whizbang.
yes, you can only play him in wild. yes, his decks are all standard cards. no, everyone in wild is not playing broken unbeatable decks.
i climbed to diamond 5 with whizbang from a starting 4 star multiplier in wild last expansion and platinum 5 from a starting 5 star multiplier on a different account so far this expansion.

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check out old guardian's youtube channel to see more competitve budget decks in action

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