Wolf’s Combo Felsteel Demon Hunter – The 11/10 weapon deck

Content of the article: "Wolf’s Combo Felsteel Demon Hunter – The 11/10 weapon deck"

First off I don't recommend crafting this deck except if you are only missing blade dance from the nerf. I think it's a ton of fun and has a lot of potential, but it's not for everyone and I only have a 50 percent win rate out of a 50 game sample size.

Summary: "Wolf's Felsteel DH" is a deck I made from the ground up, deck based around the fact that Felsteel Executioner keeps his buffs while he is corrupted into a weapon. You buff him using costumed entertainer and claw machine, which are the only other minions in the deck for consistency sake. It's not uncommon to get a 9/8 weapon for a total of 72 damage from just one of your Felsteels. It's important to keep in mind that he cannot be buffed after you turn him into a weapon, so be sure to time it right. The deck plays most similarly to a combo deck, but towards the late game it plays like Soul DH.

Decklist is in a comment

Reasons for each inclusion:

# 1x (1) Double Jump – Unsure if two of these is correct. It Draws Skull of Gul'dan, so only play it on the same turn that you can play skull or if you are confident that you can get it to the left side of your hand. Usually a turn 7 play.

# 2x (1) Felscream Blast – Good VS Stealth Rogue, Face Hunter, Shaman (except control), and popping divine shields from paladin.

# 2x (1) Twin Slice – Good Reach and synergy with Aldrachi Warblade and Blade Dance

# 2x (2) Chaos Strike – Same synergies as Twin Slice and also provides cycle

# 2x (2) Costumed Entertainer – Core. Try to only buff Felsteel, but it's ok to take 50/50s

# 2x (2) Immolation Aura – Good against aggro

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# 2x (3) Acrobatics – Arcane Intellect to thin the deck

# 2x (3) Aldrachi Warblades – Provides great healing, Sometimes you should hold back a low damage attack to get more healing via Relentless Pursuit, Twin Slice, Chaos Strike, etc.

# 2x (3) Blade Dance – Significantly better after equipping your massive Felsteel and allows you to push face.

# 2x (3) Coordinated Strike – Early game without putting minions into the deck.

# 2x (3) Felsteel Executioner – Core. Entire deck is built around it.

# 2x (3) Relentless Pursuit – Good reach and has lots of synergy. Provides effective healing since you are immune. Its worth nothing that the immunity prevents damage from stuff like Toxic Reinforcements, Kobold Sandtrooper, drawing into warrior's bombs, and rarely, fatigue.

# 2x (5) Chaos Nova – Good AoE. Great against shaman and board-focused aggro. Keep in mind this corrupts the Felsteel

# 2x (6) Claw Machine – Used to buff Felsteel into a 7/6 weapon. Tutors out a minion, so you can get Felsteel more consistently. Sometimes also provides a fast single target removal, something DH struggles with.

# 2x (6) Skull of Gul'dan – OP.

Mulligan and Matchup info:

Keep Chaos Strike.

Probably keep Skull of Gul'dan on left.

Probably keep costumed entertainer

Keep the Felsteel if you also have a Costumed Entertainer.

VS Rogue: Keep Fellscream Blast and Immolation Aura to kill their 1 health minions without taking much damage.

VS Paladin: Keep Coordinated Strike, as it is the best way for the deck to deal with Goody Two Shields, which can end up dealing a lot of damage if you try to kill it will your hero power or attacks. Blade dance is really good against their mid game boards but I'm not sure if it's a keep.

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VS Shaman: Keep Chaos Nova.

VS Warrior: Try to bait out sticky fingers using Aldrachi Warblades or a small Felsteel if you have both in hand. Consider not attacking with Aldrachi so they think they can punish you by taking it.

VS Warlock: Keep Immolation to deal with Galakrond minions and potentially Zoo minions. Like warrior, leave a juice Aldrachi warblades out there for them to Sticky Finger before you drop the real business. They are bound to take it because a warlock couldn't pass up healing.

Subs: Here are great cards to consider running or to run if you are missing cards.

Second Double Jump: Draw Skull more consistently

Eye Beam: Eyebeam is a great addition if your missing one of the less important cards, because it shuts down aggro really well. You might have to change the deck a bit with this inclusion as it ruins the consistency of pulling Skull from Double Jump.

Spectral Sight: Thins your deck very well in combination with double jump, but is questionable for the same reason as eye beam.

Consume Magic: Great silence card bundled into a card draw for thinning the deck. Include if you see a lot of paladin. I included this to counter Edwin, but now no one is playing him at 4 mana. Questionable for the same reason as the other two.

Throw Glaive: Flexible and good against aggro.

Feel free to edit the deck and let me know your experience/what you would change!

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