Heroes of the Storm

2nd (annual) Heroes of the Storm Fan-made skin concepts Contest: SUBMISSION ROUND. Let’s find the next Janitor Leoric!

Welcome to the Submission Round of the 2nd Fan-made skin concepts Contest! You’re supposed to read this post after you have read my Announcement post (or you won’t understand a thing and miss out extremely important information that isn't included in this post): https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/hd6ego/2nd_annual_heroes_of_the_storm_fanmade_skin/

Now you can submit the concepts that you like by commenting below, please follow this form:



If the concept also has pictures that show the skin’s spell effects and/or color variation and/or an artwork (like this) then you should also include the link to them in your comment to give the concept the best chance of winning. If the artist didn’t give a name to their concept, then you can give it an appropriate name that fits the concept.

– Example 1:

Name: Eye of C’thun Probius

Concept: https://i.imgur.com/joojP4u.png

– Example 2:

Name: Grand Magistrix Whitemane

Concept: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/BmzEyk (Spell Effects+Color Variation included in the link)

– Example 3:

Name: Princess Orphea

Concept: https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/014/005/850/large/antonio-demico-orphea-princess-small-alt2.jpg?1542053007


Color Variation: https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/014/005/840/large/antonio-demico-orphea-princess-alts-small.jpg?1542052785

The Submission Round will end on Sunday, June 28th 2020 (around 5:00 a.m PDT/ 2:00 p.m CEST). The second Round that contains the first poll will be announced on Monday, June 29th 2020 (around 5:00 a.m PDT/ 2:00 p.m CEST).

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This post will constantly be updated with new concepts, so make sure to visit it once in a while. However, I’m not a bot, so I have to sleep, eat,…, do my daily activities just like you. Consequently, there will be time when I can’t update the post with new submitted concepts, but fear not, all concepts that are submitted before the deadline above will be included in the Contest. When I’m online, I will reply to your comment with “Added” and I will add your concept to this post.

All the skin concepts submitted so far (You can click on a hero’s name to see all the concepts submitted (so far) for that hero, again, there will be downtime when I can’t update this list, but I will try my best to update it constantly):

– Abathur:

– Alarak:

– Alextrasza:

– Ana:

– Anduin:

– Anub’Arak:

– Arthas:

– Auriel:

– Azmodan:

– Blaze:

– Brightwing:

– Butcher:

– Cassia:

– Chen:

– Cho:

– Chromie:

– D.Va:

– Deathwing:

– Deckard:

– Dehaka:

– Diablo:

– E.T.C:

– Falstad:

– Fenix:

– Gall:

– Garrosh:

– Gazlowe:

– Genji:

– Greymane:

– Gul’dan:

– Hanzo:

– Illidan:

– Imperius:

– Jaina:

– Johanna:

– Junkrat:

– Kael’thas:

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– Kel’Thuzad

– Kerrigan:

– Kharazim:

– Leoric:

– Li Li:

– Li-Ming:

– Lt.Morales:

– Lúcio:

– Lunara:

– Maiev:

– Malfurion:

– Mal’Ganis

– Malthael:

– Medivh:

– Mei:

– Mephisto:

– Muradin:

– Murky:

– Nazeebo:

– Nova:

– Orphea:

– Probius:

– Qhira:

– Ragnaros:

– Raynor:

– Rehgar:

– Rexxar:

– Samuro:

– Sgt. Hammer:

– Sonya:

– Stiches:

– Stukov:

– Sylvanas:

– Tassadar:

– The Lost Vikings:

– Thrall:

– Tracer:

– Tychus:

– Tyrael:

– Tyrande:

– Uther:

– Valeera:

– Valla:

– Varian:

– Whitemane:

– Xul:

– Yrel:

– Zagara:

– Zarya:

– Zeratul:

– Zul’jin:

Thank you so much for participating in this Contest!

May the best skin concepts win!

Source: reddit.com

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