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2nd Heroes of the Storm Fan-made skin concepts Contest – ROUND 1/3. Let’s find the next Janitor Leoric!

Content of the article: "2nd Heroes of the Storm Fan-made skin concepts Contest – ROUND 1/3. Let’s find the next Janitor Leoric!"

Hi again! Welcome to Round 1/3 of the contest. I made a poll consisting of all concepts submitted in the Submission Round. Now please vote for the concepts you like in the poll below. There is no limit to how many concepts you can vote for. There are more than 200 concepts (=more than 400 images in the poll) so please view them all carefully. It will take quite some time to vote so you should take this poll only in your free time. The top 50 concepts will be in the next Round/poll. This Round will end on Thursday July 2nd at around 7:00 a.m PDT/ 4:00 p.m CEST. The next round (Round 2/3) will be announced on Friday July 3rd at around 7:00 a.m PDT/ 4:00 p.m CEST.

How to take the poll:

As the poll is REALLY LONG, here are some tips:

  1. As there is NO LIMIT to how many concepts you can vote for, you should vote for the concepts that you like/impress you WHILE you scroll down to the end of the poll (You don’t have to view all the concepts then go back to the start to vote like last year). Then click “Submit".
  2. If you suddenly have something to do while you’re taking the poll, you should just leave it open on a tab then you can come back to it later.
  3. Link to the poll: https://forms.gle/9i9W6VwK8ut6gG2S7 (You're required to login into your Google Account. Each Google Account can only vote 1 time. The poll may take a while to load because there are a lot of images in it.)

All the submitted skin concepts:

Abathur: Cryptkeeper Abathur, Summerthur Abathur, Pumpkinathur Abathur, Mad Hatter Abathur, Pro Gamer Abathur, Jail-Breaker Abathur, Fortune Teller Abathur,

Alarak: Xenotech Alarak, Third Thorn Alarak,

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Alextrasza: Loa Alexstrasza, Vampire Alexstrasza,

Anduin: High King Anduin, Fallen Prince Anduin,

Anub’Arak: Lich King Anub'Arak, Ninth Thorn Anub'Arak, Beachwrecker Anub’Arak,

Artanis: Hybrid Artanis,

Arthas: D.Storm.Pia Control Arthas,

Auriel: Valk'yr Auriel,

Azmodan: Lord of Virtue Azmodan, Y'shaarj Azmodan, Volcano God Azmodan, Spider-Dan Azmodan,

Blaze: Dragon Knight Blaze, Infested Blaze,

Brightwing: Star Guardian Brightwing, Dark Star Guardian Brightwing,

Butcher: Feed me Butcher, Dragon Warrior Butcher,

Cassia: Diablo Cassia, Warchrome Cassia, Cyber Cassia, Medieval Cassia, Noblegarden Cassia, Spacerunner Cassia, Darkspear Cassia,

Chen: Amber Harvester Chen,

Cho'Gall: Orthrus Cho'Gall,

Chromie: Lunar Chromie, Volskaya Chromie, Lost Explorer Chromie,

D.Va: Rocket Hopper D.Va, Lightforged D.Va, Scuba D.Va,

Deathwing: Inkwing Deathwing, Steampunk Deathwing,

Deckard: Greatfather Winter Deckard, Chemical Deckard, Profesor D.Eckard, Archmage Deckard, Pie Vendor Deckard,

Dehaka: Wild Druid Dehaka,

Diablo: Forest ent of Terror Diablo, Deathwing Diablo,

E.T.C: Keeper of the Groove E.T.C, Daft Rock E.T.C, Cow King E.T.C,

Falstad: Ulduar Keeper Falstad, Shark Rider Falstad,

Fenix: Ravaging Fenix, Control bot Fn-X Fenix, Summer Fenix,

Garrosh: Summer Garrosh,

Gazlowe: Herald of the Void Gazlowe, Big Don Gazlowe,

Genji: Angelic Genji, Nexus Spirit Genji, Protoss Genji, Illidan Genji,

Greymane: Kabal Greymane, Infernal Greymane,

Gul’dan: Summer Gul'dan,

Hanzo: Demonic Hanzo, Malfurion Hanzo,

Illidan: N'raqi Illidan, Summer Illidan, Black Soulstone Illidan,

Jaina: Lich Queen Jaina, Steampunk Jaina, Ski Resort Jaina,

Junkrat: Protoss Junkrat, Sugarpop Junkrat, Mad Hatter Junkrat,

Kael’thas: Nethermancer Kael'thas, Khalai Kael'thas,

Kel’Thuzad: First Thorn Kel'Thuzad,

Kerrigan: Frostlord Kerrigan, Dark Nexus Kerrigan, Prime Evil Kerrigan,

Kharazim: Messenger Kharazim,

Leoric: King of Khanduras Leoric, Vampire Leoric, Skeleton King Leoric,

Li Li: Lili'Dan, LiliDan, Bruce Li Li, Alchemist Li Li,

Li-Ming: Magister Li-Ming, Dreadlady Li-Ming, D.Storm.Pia Li-Ming, Classic Li-Ming, Azula Li-Ming,

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Lúcio: Rave Lúcio,

Lunara: Goblingnome Costume Lunara, Rainbow Unicorn Lunara, Inferno Lunara, Protoss Lunara, Star Child Lunara, Unicorn Lunara,

Maiev: Protoss Maiev,

Malthael: Rose Thorn Malthael, Death Knight Malthael,

Medivh: Bellboy Medivh, Crimson Baron Medivh,

Mephisto: Mephistolisk Mephisto, Mandarin Mephisto, Phantom Mephisto, Deep Sea Mephisto, The Hands Mephisto, Astrologian Mephisto, Wrath of Y'Sharaj Mephisto,

Muradin: Zerg Muradin, RootBeard Muradin,

Murky: Overwatch Murky, The One Who shouldn't be named Murky, Warlord Murky, Pajamurky, Zombie Murky,

Nazeebo: Warlock Nazeebo, Mad Hatter Nazeebo, Baron Nazeebo, Tal Nazeebo, Zerg Nazeebo, StormPunk Nazeebo,

Nova: Night Elf Nova, Western Nova, Summer Nova, Kirin Tor Nova,

Orphea: Fairy Orphea, Nexus Princess Orphea, Star Warrior Orphea, Unlimited Orphea, Doll of Clock Tower Orphea, Spectre Orphea, Maid Orphea, Falcon Princess Orphea, Executive Orphea, Grave Keeper Orphea, Steampunker Orphea, Dark Nexus Queen Orphea,

Probius: U-Probe Probius,

Ragnaros: Winterlord Ragnaros, Tomb Spirit Ragnaros, Mecha Ragnaros, Lord of Dalaran Ragnaros, Ahune The Frost Lord Ragnaros, Underlord Ragnaros, Bugnaros the Flyer-lord,

Raynor: D.Storm.Pia Raynor,

Rexxar: Dinomancer Rexxar,

Samuro: D.Storm.Pia Samuro, Fallen Angel Samuro,

Sgt. Hammer: Sgt. Hammurloc,

Stukov: Crazy Cat Man Stukov, Leperchaun Stukov,

Sylvanas: Blackwatch Sylvanas, Hierarch Sylvanas, Demon Hunter Sylvanas, Queen of the Afterlife Sylvanas,

Tassadar: Dark Templar Tassadar, Hybrid Tassadar,

The Lost Vikings: The Lost Gangsters,

Thrall: Oni Thrall,

Tychus: Fel Reaver Tychus, Iron Horde Tychus,

Tyrande: Battle Medic Tyrande,

Uther: Angelic Uther,

Valeera: Cyber Valeera, Shadow of the Desert Valeera,

Valla: Assassin Valla,

Varian: Arathi Highlander Varian, Summer Varian,

Whitemane: Avatar Whitemane,

Xul: Cyborg Commando Xul, StormPunk Xul,

Yrel: Demonic Yrel, Protoss Yrel, Eredar Yrel, D.Storm.Pia Yrel, High Exarch Yrel,

Zagara: Forest Mother Zagara, Drust Zagara, Summer Zagara, Purifier Zagara,

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Zarya: Iron Horde Zarya,

Zul’jin: Vandal Zul'jin, N'Zoth Zul'jin, Abominable Zul’jin, Mohawk Zul'jin,

Thank you so much for participating in this Contest!

(If you have time, please share this post with your HotS friends, HotS fan pages that you know and upvote, comment on this post so that more people can see it.) 🙂

Link to my post on the game's Official Forums: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/heroes/t/2nd-heroes-of-the-storm-fan-made-skin-concepts-contest-round-13-lets-find-the-next-janitor-leoric/40280

May the best skin concepts win!

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