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3 Super Simple Samuro Trick

Content of the article: "3 Super Simple Samuro Trick"

Hearthing (Queue D)

This is the most well-known trick, which abuses the queue command and the frame between hearthing and clone removed.

This allows to instantly heal for 1125 HP, greatly helping you to sustain in the map early game without using tap.

This trick will gives you a significant advantage early game, However, the benefit of this trick degrade overtime in late game, since the hearthstone heal does not scale.

To perform: Simply press Q -> B -> Hold Shift -> Mouse Aim at one of the clones -> Press D

You should see a green line between you and the clones (the green line is the queue actions)


Force Clones to walk into a direction

This assumes you didn't go for Illusion Master or before lv10

This allows the clones to walk into a direction and return to normal behaviour (go to nearest lane)

However, this utilises on the A click, which during the move, it will attack whatever it will sees, so make sure there are nothing between the target location.

To perform: Simple press A (or A click if you don't have quick cast) on a target location -> Press Q

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This is also useful to scout bushes without putting yourself in danger:


This is also useful when doing the Hearthing trick above without the clones suicide on lane before you can tp back:


Force Clones to attack a specific target

This assumes you didn't go for Illusion Master or before lv10

This allows the clones to focus on a specific target regardless of distance, provided you have vision of it. This is helpful when laning, where if you press Q randomly, the clones may attack the minions instead.

This also helpful on maps such as Battlefield Of Eternity, where you can send the clones to the immortal while soaking xp and tp to it afterwards.

To Perform: Simply press Q -> Right click on the target immediately (or spam right click on a target if you are not confident enough)


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