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3 Years Since We Had Any Major Murky Talent Changes. Compiling a List of Suggestions for a Pass from the Dev Team.

Murky is a an incredibly fun and versatile hero with some of the best wave clear (when left alone) and play making capabilities. I am a level 350 Murky with over 3000 games. Here are the qualify of life and talent suggestions to make Murky even more fun. Would love to hear other suggestion and thoughts from other players about some great ideas for a small pass to clean the slime that has built up Murky’s talents.

Quality of Life Changes:

Trait: Spawn Egg. What would happen if we removed the channel from spawning egg? There is already a 15 second cool down if the egg is destroyed. Not having a spawn time would lead to some really fun desperation egg throw downs in a TF and some fun sieging shenanigans in which murky intentionally puts his egg at risk for some extra pushing power with immediately powerful counter play if you kill both the egg and murky. Feels very much in line with the rest of his kit.

Level 1 Talents

Insta cast egg has great synergy with with Egg hunt at level 1. This talent has a single digit pick rate as it is completely out shined by both Fishy Deal (Bribe) and Fish Eye (Egg can see stealth). Insta cast eggs allow a great third option. Alternatively allowing murky to manually break his own eggs would allow a whole new type of ambush strategy to open up.

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Level 4 Talents:

Living the Dream: Every 15 seconds murky gains 5 spell power up to 35% (from a max of 25%) all stacks are lost on death. This talent is one of the the few that has been changed over the past few years as its been buffed form 15 to 20 and then to 25%. Bringing it up to 35% makes it a viable option.

Level 7 Talents:

No changes

Level 10:

March of the Murlocs: cool down 110 to 80. Over time more and more murky players are choosing Octo Grab over March as its generally the superior ult.

Octograb: Revert Octograb so it always stuns for 3 seconds. This is the biggest change of the entire post. I cant tell you how many plays I used to make with that 3 second stun. Being able to reliably stop heals for 3 seconds or punish that out of position tank were truly game changing plays. Also having a reliable initiate makes murky viable vs teams that immediately delete him as he self roots for 3 seconds.

Level 13 Talents:

Egg Shell: Respawning from an Egg grants Murky a Shield equal to 100% of his maximum Health. This Shield lasts indefinitely. Shield are replenished each time Murkys real egg is destroyed.

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This talent currently has a 1% pick rate mainly because you need to die for it to proc. Allowing it to proc off your egg getting killed allows for some fun egg shenanigans and an alternate method to get your shields back.

Level 16:

No changes

Level 20:

Octo-Grab If Murky is killed while using Octo-Grab, its stun effect will now persist through the ability’s full duration.

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